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Robo is a task runner you always have been looking for. It allows you to write fully customizable tasks in common OOP PHP style. Robo has comprehensive list of built-in common tasks for development, testing, and deployment.
automation  build  tools  development 
1 hour ago by bvt
So you think you can validate email addresses A journey down RFC5321 - YouTube
A funny and astonishing talk video exploring how to validate an email address.
talks  video  email  web  development  validation  address 
2 hours ago by rwintle
How to fix nasty circular dependency issues once and for all in JavaScript & TypeScript
This is how I solve circular dependency issues nowadays. It takes some initial refactoring work on import statements if you apply this to an existing project. But the process itself is dumb and straight-forward. And after that, you have full control over the module loading order, making it possible to immediately address any circular dependency issues that arise in the future.
javascript  boords  development 
4 hours ago by marcohamersma
European Cities SDG Index (prototype version 2019)
The data displayed in this dashboard is sourced from the SDG Index and Dashboards Report for European cities. The report was prepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the Brabant Center for Sustainable Development.
Europe  cities  index  sustainable  development  goals 
5 hours ago by spencertree
Collecting and Analyzing Dumps with .Net Core on Linux | Premier Developer
From InoReader: Collecting and Analyzing Dumps with .Net Core on Linux by Premier Developer Premier Developer at
Microsoft  Development  @  InoReader    Instapaper 
8 hours ago by TwilightSoul
Understanding how to port your ASP.NET web apps to ASP.NET Core | Premier Developer
From InoReader: Understanding how to port your ASP.NET web apps to ASP.NET Core by Premier Developer Premier Developer at
Microsoft  Development  @  InoReader    Instapaper 
8 hours ago by TwilightSoul

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