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is calling! Sign up for our 2018 Good Tech Fest and hear from:

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RT is revitalizing! See how we helped restore DavidWhitneyDET to its original, beautiful grandeur via…
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RT : : Join us Sunday 2pm at Redford Branch for Storytime! We'll be sharing "Tawara Toda, Our L…
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MIAJE - Detroit Jazz Festival 2012
33rd Detroit Jazz Festival 2012
     Friday, August 31 - Monday, Sept. 3
Hart Plaza ~ Woodward Ave. ~ Campus Martius

DJF Headliners
*  Sonny Rollins
*  Terence Blanchard
*  Fred Hersch Trio
*  Chick Corea / Gary Burton with the Harlem Strings
*  Pat Metheny Unity Band with Chris Potter, Antonio Sanchez, Ben Williams
*  Wynton Marsalis Quintet
*  Wayne Shorter Quartet with Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Brian Blade
*  Alfredo Rodriguez Trio
*  Marcus Belgrave's Homecoming Band feat Louis Hayes, Curtis Fuller, Marion Hayden,
        Harvey Thompson
*  A Tribute to Art Blakey: Terence Blanchard, Curtis Fuller, Jean Toussant, Peter Washington,  
        Lewis Nash, Geoff Keezer
*  Charles McPherson with Tom Harrell
*  Donald Harrison Quintet
*  Steve Wilson with Strings (featuring music from 'Bird with Strings')
*  Tia Fuller's Angelic Warrior Album Release Party
*  Lew Tabackin Quartet featuring Randy Brecker
*  Jerry Gonzalez y El Comando de la Clave
*  Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas Quintet
*  Poncho Sanchez
*  Brian Lynch's Unsung Heroes
*  Kenny Garrett Quintet
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17 days ago by ianmclaury
Home · testdouble/contributing-tests Wiki
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Where are the black people?
Near the top of the list of the challenges Detroit faces as it starts its post-bankruptcy era is avoiding becoming two cities — one for the upwardly mobile young and white denizens of an increasingly happening downtown, and the other for the struggling and frustrated black residents trapped in ne via Pocket
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20 days ago by kubia
Man, I’m digging this Jamaal May cat.
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23 days ago by squidaveo
Slums of Detroit: A Look At The Heart of America’s 2nd Most Deserted City - By Matt Harvey - The eXiled
I was in Detroit to visit my girlfriend’s family for Thanksgiving and decided to take a look around. Knowing my tastes, locals told me to head for a burnt-out slum called Highland Park, HP for short, as it’s hands-down the worst neighborhood in the city. via Pocket
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