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Navigation in Swift
Using a custom controller to coordinate navigation between screens.
swift  ios  programming  design  patterns 
18 minutes ago by jefframnani
Norris Numbers
barriers for learning programming. there are barriers around:
* 2k lines of code
* 20k LOC
* 200k lines is a work in progress

programming  architecture  coding  design 
47 minutes ago by pronoiac
sureskumar/sketch-isometric – GitHub
sketch-isometric - Generate Isometric views from Artboards and Rectangles in Sketch app.
github  design  tools  plug-in  sketch 
52 minutes ago by jquintanilla4
The Farmer & Farmer Review . Mastery and Mimicry . The Heart of the Builder
If you asked people in 1989 what they needed to make their life better, it was unlikely that they would have said a decentralized network of information nodes that are linked using hypertext. -- Sep Kamvar
design  usercentereddesign  future  trends 
1 hour ago by WBedutech

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