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Elegantly scale type and space without breakpoints
typography  front-end  design 
3 minutes ago by teruosan
The Inter typeface family – A legible typeface designed for screens
Inter is a typeface carefully crafted & designed for computer screens.
Inter features a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text. Several OpenType features are provided as well, like contextual alternates that adjusts punctuation depending on the shape of surrounding glyphs, slashed zero for when you need to disambiguate "0" from "o", tabular numbers, etc.
fonts  typography  design  usability 
4 minutes ago by rmohns
Cards: UI-Component Definition
Nielsen Norman Group

Summary: A “card” is a UI design pattern that groups related information in a flexible-size container visually resembling a playing card.


Cards are a useful UI component for grouping several related pieces of information together for providing a linked entry point to further details on that content. Cards work especially well in contexts where they provide summaries of many different kinds of content, rather than when simply used as a modern-looking replacement for a list of content.
ux  design  nngroup 
21 minutes ago by lalavalse

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