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V2 synthesizer | - delivering superior consumer technology since 2004
"Here it is - the synthesizer that was responsible for creating all sounds in the famous farbrausch intros such as .the .product, poemtoahorse, Candytron, Flybye and of course the 96 kilobyte shoot-em-up .kkrieger, and the 177 kilobyte miracle called debris. makes it available to YOU - from this time on you can download all tools necessary for composing as well as a library that you can put into your own productions at your own will. So, enjoy!"
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26 days ago by mechazoidal
Censor Design - The Star Wars Demo - C64 Demo (50 FPS) - YouTube
The force is strong in this winning (Ranked 1st) C64 demo from the awesome X 2018 party which was held November 2018 in the Netherlands... Credits: Code.... ...
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5 weeks ago by lboulard

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