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Better database migrations in Postgres - Craig Kerstiens
As your database grows and scales there are some operations that you need to take more care of than you did when you were just starting. When working …
database  db  migration  postgres  postgresql  migrations  tips  via:popular  database-migration  databases 
13 hours ago by xer0x
Franchise: a sql notebook
an open-source notebook for sql
database  sql  data  analysis 
14 hours ago by dexter
Franchise – An Open-Source SQL Notebook
Tool for easily connecting to a database or importing data to run SQL queries and visualize output. Nifty tool, could add value to SP?
sql  database  data  query  visualization 
14 hours ago by Tknvbe
Listen Notes: Best podcast search engine & podcast database
The most comprehensive and uptodate podcast search engine & podcast database. Search 332,462 podcasts and 18,415,676 episodes by people, places or topics.
audio  database  podcast  podcasts  search  tool  compendium  Tech  Tools 
14 hours ago by speckz
News Analysis - Oracle Unveils New Programs that Transform how Customers Buy and Consume Cloud – Gloves Off - by @holgermu
"For the industry, its key to watch how well Oracle can move customers to cloud (or cloud at customer). For Oracle competitors, massive potential could disappear. As Constellation estimates that 30-40% of on premise systems are either Oracle systems, or systems so closely connected to an Oracle system – this is a key development to watch – to determine the overall move of the on-premise load to public cloud (the other one is the VMware / AWS partnership)."
aws  cloud  constellation  research  database  futurist  holger  mueller  iaas  oracle  paas  saas  strategic  advisor 
14 hours ago by jonerp

laravel  php  database  eloquent  debug 
16 hours ago by michaelfox

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