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Apple Maps vs. Google Maps vs. Waze – arturrr
Results Summary
If you want to get to your destination most quickly, use Google Maps.

If you want an accurate prediction from your navigation app to help you arrive at your destination on time, use Apple Maps.

If thinking you’ll get to your destination quickly helps to ease your commuter anxiety, use Waze.
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23 hours ago by cnk
Fang, Discovering research topics from library electronic references using latent Dirichlet allocation | Library Hi Tech, 2018-02
Discovering the research topics and trends from a large quantity of library electronic references is essential for scientific research. Current research of this kind mainly depends on human justification. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how to identify research topics and evolution in trends from library electronic references efficiently and effectively by employing automatic text analysis algorithms.
3 days ago by emerysnyder
ViziCities - See your city in revolutionary ways
3d models on top of open streetmap data to explore cities and their (public) data
city  AR/VR  opensource  datamining  visualization 
14 days ago by hirnsieb
Free software and open source tools for investigative journalism and research
Investigative journalism tools

Free software and open-source tools for journalists, journalistic research, discovery, investigative reporting, privacy, data visualization, data driven journalism and datajournalism
datamining  journalism  research  linkcollection  reporting  investigation  tools 
16 days ago by gwippich
Tidy Text Mining Beer Reviews
Craft beer is a huge market. Beer reviews from fellow beer drinkers help customers navigate it...
There are far too many beers and breweries to conduct any kind of broad analysis at that level - so the focus will be on beer styles, of which BeerAdvocate lists about 100.
r  beer  dataset  datamining 
16 days ago by ssorc

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