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Plotting the Course Through Charted Waters
Short course on data visualization literacy. With examples. Useful.
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2 hours ago by drmeme
RT : Congrats to the Team at for the launch of their new & website,…
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2 hours ago by PhilRodgers
Why we need a single point of trust to calm nerves over social media data misuse - by @derek_dupreez
"A single place to turn to when the internet giants get above themselves with your data - a strong recommendation from doteveryone."
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2 hours ago by jonerp
Times Higher Education v-c pay survey 2018
Times Higher Education’s survey of vice-chancellors’ pay in the most recently reported financial year, 2016-17, reveals that Snowden’s total remuneration rose to £433,000 in 2016-17, while that of Breakwell – who announced last November that she would retire at the end of the current academic year – reached £471,000, a rise of 4.4 per cent. But even that salary looked paltry compared with the headline-grabbing £808,000 earned by Christina Slade of neighbouring Bath Spa University, a figure that – as THE revealed in December – included a £429,000 pay-off for “loss of office”.
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3 hours ago by terry

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