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Seeing Theory
These are great, in-development visualizations of statistical and probability concepts
statistics/probability  teaching  data 
14 hours ago by eliotc
Dataset Publishing Language  |  Google Developers
DSPL is a data and metadata format designed from the ground up to support powerful, interactive visualizations like those in the Google Public Data Explorer.
data  dataset  Google  DSPL  publishing  public  language  dataexplorer  visualization  geographic  maps 
16 hours ago by areich
How Onsite Social Media Use Impacts Visitor Satisfaction (DATA) - Colleen Dilenschneider
promoting our social media usernames and hashtags in our museums (suggestions for placement: signage, wall labels, brochures)
ensuring strong wifi access
reconsidering our mobile photo policies
musesocial  musetech  readings  data  visitation  marketing 
17 hours ago by danamuses

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