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We Trained A Computer To Search For Hidden Spy Planes. This Is What It Found.
From planes tracking drug traffickers to those testing new spying technology, US airspace is buzzing with surveillance aircraft operated for law enforcement and the military.
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6 weeks ago by danwin
Do Americans spend more money on the health care of the poor than the rich? - Marginal REVOLUTION
3. That poor people get sick more times, how much of this is a) poor environment including higher stress and exposure to crime, b) genes, c) inability to afford proper preventive care, d) bad decision-making, including diet, lifestyle, and exercise, and e) sickness causing poverty, and f) other factors. I know of plenty of individual papers on these topics, but would it go over well to write an “apportionment” paper doling out the relative responsibilities?
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12 weeks ago by frederikmarain
10-Year-Old Shames Boston Globe into Updating Its Database of Murder Victims
Kristen Lartey was a 22-year-old recent graduate of St. John’s University, active in youth ministries and running her own nail design business when she and two friends were shot to death on a Sunday evening in August 2012. That’s according to a story in the Boston Globe a few days after the tragic murder.
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may 2017 by danwin

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