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akveo/ngx-admin: Admin dashboard template based on Angular 6 , Bootstrap 4 (previously known as ng2-admin)
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
angular  dashboard  components  license:mit 
yesterday by eitland
Eliminate busywork | Parabola
Trying to stuff a visual programming interface for workflow design within excel
visual  workflow  automation  spreadsheet  analytics  dashboard  visualization 
yesterday by asteroza
A&E Live
Based on published data from NHS England and NHS Digital, this is a simulation of the realtime activity of Emergency Departments in England. To be clear, this is not actual patient details but a representation based on published data. Full details
health  dashboard  vis  dj  a&e  simulation  live 
2 days ago by paulbradshaw
A personal information dashboard for your terminal.
dashboard  apps 
3 days ago by kch
A personal information dashboard for your terminal.
dashboard  apps 
3 days ago by kch
Article Performance Leaderboard
Benchmarking across different sites is hard. The aspirational goal is measuring perceptual load time for a user - when the reader 'thinks' the page has loaded. For now this provides benchmarks to monitor.

Score = Load Time (seconds) * Speed Index * Page Size (MB)

This will be updated soon to also factor in Visually Complete and exploring Time To Interactive (TTI).
Analytics  RWD  dashboard  sitespeed 
5 days ago by 1luke2
Cervinomarketing delivers powerful dashboards using Klipfolio and their data engine | Klipfolio.com
So what’s the secret behind their process? Erik says, “the secret behind this is that we have built a smart data engine that sits between the online marketing channels and Klipfolio.”

That data engine collects and stores data from all channels, then combines, cleans and filters the data, adds descriptions and targets and then feeds the data sources into the dashboards.

All the data preparation is done through a simple to use interface and the data processing is done automatically.
klipfolio  dashboard 
5 days ago by 1luke2

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