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This. All day long. The persistent use of as a term to describe info tech companies or advertisers can'…
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may 2017 by njashanmal
Interesting piece on how is actually used in the wild.
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may 2017 by Kevmoss
Analytics nightmare: 82 percent of mobile sharing is done through dark social - Digiday
Globally, 82 percent of content shared on mobile is shared through messaging, email or text, according to a report released today from ad platform RadiumOne, called the “The dark side of mobile sharing.” In 2014, it was below 50 percent. Just 13 percent is shared via Facebook, and the remaining 10 percent through the other public social networks.

RadiumOne based the numbers on the actions of the 940 million people globally on the platform.
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june 2016 by inspiral
77% of content is being shared via ‘Dark Social’, finds new research | The Drum
77% of content is being shared via ‘Dark Social’, finds new research | The Drum
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june 2016 by simoncollister
Adidas spotlights 'dark social' to be the ‘most personal brand’ | The Drum
Its one-to-one messaging rather than one-to-many messaging that’s dominating the digital space and Adidas is trying to get a truer sense of those intimate conversations with new forms of social listening.
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march 2016 by johndodds
Mic Wants to Go Beyond Clicks and Measure Actual Impact - Fortune
One internal tool Mic developed, dubbed “Hash” (an abbreviation for How a Share Happens), tracks all the sharing. Hash was built in-house for a number of reasons, Moretti says. “A lot of third-party analytics services rely on social APIs from the platform, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or whatever. And there’s a couple of problems with that—one is that the definition of ‘share’ isn’t the same across all platforms, and the second is that sometimes APIs get shut down.”
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march 2016 by JohnDrake

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