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Mercedes-Benz' Slaven says social marketing is people-intensive
Often I'm asked: [Are] television commercials going to die. They're not. It's just you might not see them in the same place you'd always thought you'd see a TV commercial — namely on television. Where you're seeing them with greater frequency is [online] video. How you build them has broadened. You can't be as formulaic with television as you were 10 or 15 years ago. You have to push a little bit more in entertainment. We try to push a little less heavily the price, payment, the "come in, act now" and [push] a little bit more of the brand when we develop for online.
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Mercedes spreads its wings at Falcons' new home
The 27-year naming deal came together in 2015, just weeks after Mercedes-Benz USA moved its headquarters to suburban Atlanta from northern New Jersey. Terms were undisclosed, and the company won't comment, but CBS News reported in May that Mercedes is paying $324 million, or $12 million a year, for the naming rights.

Mercedes also holds the naming rights to the Superdome in New Orleans, a 10-year deal that continues through 2021. But the brand aims to put its stamp on the Atlanta stadium in a way it hasn't in New Orleans.
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'The game has started': Daimler delivers first electric trucks
The market for electric medium- and heavy-duty trucks is in its infancy. Manufacturers such as Daimler and Navistar International Corp., as well as electric carmaker Tesla Inc. and a host of other new entrants, are racing to overcome the challenges of substituting batteries for diesel engines as regulators crack down on carbon dioxide emissions and soot pollution.
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Meet the Mercedes EQA EV concept, introduced at the Frankfurt motor show
Mercedes-Benz previewed an electric hatchback at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, one of the first models that Mercedes plans to offer as part of its EQ electric sub-brand.
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Mercedes dealers boost local ad spending
Mercedes-Benz dealerships increased their spending on local advertising after the automaker stopped auditing how the stores used their Tier 3 advertising money last year.

That result ran counter to the expectations of Drew Slaven, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA.
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Mercedes touts 'breath-taking' performance for Project One supercar
The 1,000-hp two-seater brings F1 racing technology to the road for the first time, CEO Dieter Zetsche told journalists at an unveiling here on Monday, ahead of the car's public debut at the Frankfurt auto show on Tuesday.
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M-B tries to help dealers keep customers
In June, Mercedes said it would lift a restriction on Tier 3 cooperative advertising money. Instead of limiting that spending to new-vehicle sales, dealers were told they could use the money to promote any area of the business. Many dealers praised the change and pledged to shift some spending to service marketing. Dealers and Mercedes expect the move to boost service retention.
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LUXURY: Lexus makes up ground amid luxury slump
Sales for the top three luxury auto brands fell in August, but No. 3 Lexus made up significant ground on its main German rivals by holding its sales loss to a much narrower margin.

Luxury brands that experienced sales gains in August were Audi, Infiniti, Genesis, Volvo and Land Rover. Only the first three were also up in the first eight months of the year.
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Daimler Mulling Plan to Split Mercedes-Benz into Three Units | TheDetroitBureau.com
The rough cut of the plan divides Mercedes-Benz into three entities: cars and vans; trucks and buses; and financial services. The company’s mobility services will fall under the financial services unit’s umbrella. The move is designed to unlock the value of each unit.
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Mercedes Says It Doesn’t Mind Being in the Name of This New Show About Murder – Adweek
No brand would be happy to have its name appear in the title of a popular novel—and now TV series—in which its product is used to commit mass murder. But Mercedes isn’t raising a fuss about AT&T Audience Network’s new drama, Mr. Mercedes, which is based on the 2014 Stephen King novel of the same name.
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Mercedes fixated on youth and power
Lineup will add entry-level vehicles and more AMGs
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Der Postillon: CDU und FDP erhalten so viele Spenden aus der Wirtschaft, weil sie so gute Politik für die Bürger machen
Favorite tweet:

Wirtschaft spendet so viel an CDU und FDP, weil die so gute Politik für die Bürger machen#Daimler #klatten #quandthttps://t.co/Zz1JTrEWlH

— Der Postillon (@Der_Postillon) August 2, 2017
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