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Plant Based Diets
By 'plant based diets', I mean diets that follow guidelines advocated by doctors like Dean Ornish, Caldwell Esselstyn, Neal Barnard, Joel Fuhrman, John McDougall and Gabriel Cousens. Broadly, their guidelines are very similar to each other.
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16 hours ago by acrisp
Found New Collection Of Hairstyles Step By Step For Daily Activity
Hairstyles step by step is constantly considered as images of hotness, appeal and develop womanliness. The glossy sound long bouncy […]
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The One Daily Talk That Will Benefit Your Marriage
Conversation model:

[[Katie: How was your day, dear?

Steven: At my weekly meeting my manager challenged my knowledge of our products and told the CEO that I am incompetent. She’s such a jerk.

Katie: What a jerk! She is so rude. (us against others) What did you say to her? (expressing genuine interest)

Steven: I told her I feel like she is out to get me and it’s not fair. I am the number one salesman on the floor.

Katie: I completely understand why you feel like that. I’m sorry she’s doing this to you. (expressing affection) She needs to get taken care of. (us against others)

Steven: I agree, but I think she’s doing it to herself. The CEO doesn’t appreciate her telling him everyone is incompetent but her. It’s probably best to leave it alone.

Katie: I’m glad he’s is aware of that. It’s not good and will backfire sooner or later.

Steven: I hope so. I feel like pizza, cuddles, and a movie tonight. You in?

Katie: Of course, love.
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6 days ago by dandv
Maru is a new kind of computing experience. It gives you a single, context-aware device that makes personal computing really simple. And guess what? That device is your smartphone.
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6 days ago by speckz

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