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About | nivo
nivo provides supercharged React components to easily build dataviz apps, it's built on top of d3.

Several libraries already exist for React d3 integration, but just a few provide server side rendering ability and fully declarative charts.

Highly customizable
Motion/transitions, powered by react-motion
Component playground
Exhaustive documentation
Isomorphic rendering
SVG charts
HTML charts
Canvas charts
Server side rendering API
SVG patterns
Responsive charts
javascript  react  d3  dataviz 
yesterday by ianmclaury
nivo provides a rich set of dataviz components, built on top of the awesome d3 and Reactjs libraries.
react  d3  data  visualization 
3 days ago by klokie
Sortable Table with Bars - bl.ocks.org
another enigmatic chunk of code from Mike Bostock
d3  data_vis 
6 days ago by gideonite
Easy as Pie React + D3 Chord Diagrams in Tableau
A functional example of Tableau integration with Nivo (React + D3)
charts  d3 
6 days ago by bloom
Blast Radius
Blast Radius is a tool for reasoning about Terraform dependency graphs through interactive visualizations. Use Blast Radius to:

Learn about Terraform or one of its cloud providers, through example configurations.
Document your infrastructure.
reason about relationships between resources, and evaluate changes to them.
terraform  d3  visualization 
7 days ago by rona25
Setting Up D3.js with Babel and Webpack
Learn how to setup D3.js with webpack for live reloading
webpack  babel  d3 
11 days ago by heymatthenry

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