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Ligandal CEO Unveils Nanotech Delivery for Genetic Therapies: “What Good Would Amazon Be Without the Shipping?”
Most existing drugs either utilize viruses or recombinant protein factors,” Watson said. “Viral gene therapies and other current techniques pose significant concerns with immunogenicity and other safety issues. On the other hand, we’ve developed nanoparticles that have no inherent immunogenicity or toxicity, enable precise engineering and flexible payloads, and can time-release the delivery of new characteristics into the correct organelle of the cell.”

ligands combined with Ligandal’s next-generation, non-viral, protein-based biomaterials will soon deliver therapies enabled by CRIPSR, TALEN, mRNA, siRNA, DNA, and the future of genetic technologies.

“Beyond monogenetic diseases, we foresee our technology opening a frontier of genetically tailored, molecularly precise medicine,” Watson said. “Our technology also creates the infrastructure for rapid gene therapy discovery and drug development.”

Therapies based on nanoparticles will be easily customized, rapidly scalable, and provide the potential to bring down production costs by 100 times
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7 days ago by dandv
Rave drug holds promise for treating depression fast : Nature News & Comment
Have male scent around:

"Unlike conventional antidepressants, which generally take weeks to start working, ketamine lifts depression in as little as two hours.

“It blew the doors off what we thought we knew about depression treatment,” says psychiatrist James Murrough at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. The excitement over ketamine shows how badly new depression drugs are needed, says Thomas Insel, director of the US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, Maryland. Many drug companies have closed their mental-health divisions in the past five years, and there have been no significant advances in medication for depression in decades.

ketamine seems specifically to affect the desire to attempt suicide, whether a person is clinically depressed or not"
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12 weeks ago by dandv
A fasting-diet may trigger regeneration of a diabetic pancreas | Ars Technica
"In mice with either type I or type 2 diabetes, an intense, four-day fasting diet seemed to regenerate pancreas cells and restore insulin production. Experts warn that trying out the diet could trigger dangerous complications in diabetic patients.

The mice were given a low-calorie, low-protein, low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet for four days. On the first day, the mice could only eat 50 percent of their normal calorie intake. For the remaining three days, the mice ate just 10 percent. Next, they got up to 10 days of normal eating, which allowed them to regain lost weight, before another four-day fast. The mice went through this cycle three times."
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november 2017 by dandv
Getting on cancer’s nerves: A surprising way to thwart tumours | New Scientist
Gotta read this when have time. Basically a link may have been discovered between the occurrence/spread of cancer and nerves, i.e. treating nerve pain my slow, stop, or prevent cancer.
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october 2017 by brentfarwick
Vegan Kedgeree (Kichiri) | The Everyday Vegetarian
I made something between this and the delia smith recipe. made stock with kombu and dried mushrooms. didn't have green lentils, so used frekeh wheat, which was deliciously smoky. added fried yuba, vegan margarine and lemon juice at the end. made it unvegan with soft boiled quail eggs.
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september 2017 by noii
How To Calm Down In 10 Seconds (Fast Relaxation Trick To Stop Anxiety And Stress) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
How To Calm Down In 10 Seconds (Fast Relaxation Trick to Stop Anxiety and Stress) Big Announcement (Link Below) 56% Off Brand New Udemy Course!): Hey guys, I’ve spent the past 5 months speaking with hundreds of anxiety sufferers just like you from all around the world to figure out what they need the most […]
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september 2017 by wotek

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