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Quantum-Safe Security Solutions — ISARA Corporation
The ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite is the first complete security solution on the market to offer a high-quality implementation of quantum resistant algorithms and related integration tools built for developers.
quantum-computing  Cryptography 
4 hours ago by briangrimshaw
is a modern replacement for GnuPG 2
cryptography  security  service  pgp 
2 days ago by Z303
Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain
“Someone starting from a human perspective on banking security—who is currently harmed and how can we help them?—would come up with something very different from blockchain.… In conversations with bitcoin entrepreneurs and investors and consultants, there was often a lack of knowledge or even interest in how the jobs were being done today or what the value to the end user was.”
technology  security  cryptography  business  bitcoin 
2 days ago by syskill
HTTPS explained with carrier pigeons – freeCodeCamp
Learn how HTTPS works by reading about Alice, Bob and a lot of carrier pigeons
cryptography  https  tls 
4 days ago by geetarista

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