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16 days ago by ivar
Wieden+Kennedy’s National Trust film is a calm interlude to modern day chaos | It's Nice That
Wieden-Kennedy가 공개한 National Trust 홍보 영상.
National Trust는 영국에서 자연환경과 문화유산을 보호하기 위한 자선단체.
일상 속에서 느끼는 시끄러움, 정신없음, 정보의 과잉과 자연의 조용함을 비교한 영상인데, 이렇게 글로 설명하는 것보다 훨씬 아름답게 영상으로 표현해냄.
꼭 이어폰을 끼고 영상을 시청할 것을 추천
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6 weeks ago by yun
EnergieID - Energy Analytics
Meten en opvolgen van energie, water en transport, individueel én collectief.
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november 2019 by arnoldn
Legion Solar 4 - Permission Free Energy and Storage by PLX Devices — Kickstarter
PLX Devices sta raccogliendo fondi per Legion Solar 4 - Permission Free Energy and Storage su Kickstarter!

Plug and Play Solar with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for 3x Faster ROI.
solar  energy  kickstarter  crowd  funding 
september 2019 by sistrall
Hong Kong protests: measuring the masses • Reuters
Simon Scarr, Manas Sharma, Marco Hernandez and Vimvam Tong:
<p>Robert Chung, director of the program, said headcounts were getting hopelessly politicised. “Headcount calling has become less and less scientific,” Chung said. “One side bluffs more and more, the other side compresses harder and harder, both have gone beyond reality.”

Professor Yip, who also worked on crowd estimates for the June 16 rally, said: “I think the gap between the organisers and police becoming wider is a reflection of how much distrust is in the community. The wider the gap, the wider distrust.”

HKUPOP typically measures flow over the duration of a march, no matter how long, with estimates adjusted based on sample interviews with protesters about where they joined the march and when. The program did not deploy a team to measure crowd size on June 9 or June 16. But Yip said that based on what he saw of the march, he estimated the latest rally to have drawn 500,000 to 800,000 people.

It seems unlikely police and protesters in Hong Kong will reach a consensus about the size of crowds during marches and other rallies. And the science behind crowd counting will continue to evolve as researchers find more accurate ways to measure how many people take to the streets. But Yip said both sides may be missing the point by arguing over numbers.</p>

Long, scientific and detailed; but also pointing out that scientific might be the least useful way to think about it, because it's political. (Via <a href="">Sophie Warnes's Fair Warning newsletter</a>.)
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june 2019 by charlesarthur

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