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Insight: Indore child killer sentenced to death 23 days after arrest, raises fears over trial fairness
“While expeditious trials are ideal, these should not be at the cost of fair trial safeguards like the right to adequate time to prepare a defence and the presumption of innocence,” said Leah Verghese, senior campaigner at human rights group Amnesty International India..enior Supreme Court lawyer Rebecca John said she was concerned. “As a principle, I am opposed to rushing through investigative processes and trial processes”But reflecting the mood of the nation, well-known Supreme Court lawyer Dushyant Dave, a vocal supporter of capital punishment, said India “needs to send at least 500 people to death in the next one year to end this endemic” of rape.Lower courts take an average of five years to complete cases of prisoners sentenced to death, high courts one year and four months, and the Supreme Court two years and one month, according to a 2016 report by the Centre on the Death Penalty in the National Law University of Delhi.The university study found that 74 percent of 373 death row prisoners they interviewed were economically vulnerable. since 2012, when a young woman was gang raped in a moving bus in Delhi igniting national uproar, reported rape cases have climbed 60 percent to around 40,000 in 2016 – about one every 15 minutes - with child rape accounting for about 40 percent.
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14 hours ago by thomas.kochi
В Москве тысячи зданий с проблемами как у «Зимней вишни». В некоторых случаются пожары — Meduza
«Зимняя вишня» по документам была не торговым центром, а заводом. В Москве много зданий с похожими проблемами
Как уже рассказывала «Медуза», сгоревший кемеровский торговый центр вплоть до дня пожара продолжал по документам считаться заводом (построена «Зимняя вишня» была на месте кондитерской фабрики). Такое же нарушение встречается у многих московских объектов недвижимости — в том числе торговых и офисных центров.

На такое нарушение владельцы могут идти из-за экономии: ставка земельного налога для промышленного здания в несколько раз ниже, чем для торгового объекта. Также «промышленный» статус позволяет экономить на мерах противопожарной безопасности: например, в торговых центрах нельзя использовать слишком горючие (и более дешевые) стройматериалы — линолеум и древесно-стружечные плиты для отделки стен.
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15 hours ago by some_hren
Roxham Road continues to be a hotspot for illegal crossing
"Residents see it all day and all night, taxis driving up and down the road, delivering individuals to the border."
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15 hours ago by adirondacks
London's 10-mile crime hotspot - BBC News
• Some interesting work from the BBC London investigations producer George Greenwood, who teamed up with the visual journalism unit to map weapon possession offences in London. This identified the A10 corridor as a particular crime hotspot. Working with reporter Gareth Furby the piece led London’s TV output and had a good profile online and on Radio London:
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17 hours ago by paulbradshaw
London's moped crime hotspots revealed: Check your area - BBC News
From London Chirag Trivedi writes: “We had great collaboration with VisJo last week for the moped crime story. An FoI revealed data for all moped enabled crime for the past five years. VisJo created a great map and search tool and Alice Evans worked to create some editorial content, including a brilliant case study. It got about 400,000 PIs and was followed up by most national newspapers, ITV, several local papers and led our TV and radio bulletins.”
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17 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Barcelona is leading the fightback against smart city surveillance | Hacker News
I think a city like Barcelona, with their theft and crime problem can make use of some sort of surveillance.
Just two weeks ago, 3 hours before ending my vacation in the city, Me and my wife were robbed off roughly worth $10k USD in a car tire puncture scam.


franciscop 3 hours ago [-]

This kind of things are rarely problems for locals* , so I can see how they might be a low priority for the government/police. Instead, solving poverty issues+better education seems to be a better solution (for me and for the cities) than trying to make it into a police state.
Example: one of the safest places in Spain I've seen are libraries in Universities. People leave their laptops and go to the toilet/for lunch and nothing happens. The unsafest places I'd say are beaches, clubs and main statios.

* which happens all around the world. I never thought I'd be scammed like this, being from Spain, but I was scammed in Vietnam!
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2 days ago by Chirael
Devising new treatments for repeatedly violent psychopaths -
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2 days ago by rdr

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