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Students calling for change after the Parkland shooting - 60 Minutes Interview - CBS News
A group of survivors of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School who refer to themselves as the "mass-shooting generation" have made it their mission to bring about gun reform
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8 hours ago by jorgebarba
Police Plea to Austin Bomber: ‘We Want to Listen to You’ - The New York Times
Over the past 30 years or so, package bombings have killed or wounded more than two dozen people across the country, excluding those connected to the Unabomber case. Many of the attacks have been solved by the authorities; they often stemmed from domestic disputes, and sometimes involved pipe bombs in packages wrapped like holiday presents.
10 hours ago by craniac
To find suspects, Raleigh police quietly turn to Google •
Tyler Dukes, WRAL public records reporter:
<p>In the early morning hours of June 1, 2015, witnesses heard Pugh in an argument. They heard multiple gunshots. And they saw a figure illuminate the ground with a cell phone flashlight before fleeing the scene as the sun rose over north Raleigh.

A year and a half later across town, a taxi driver named Nwabu Efobi was gunned down in front of the Universal Cab Company. Security camera video caught Efobi in some kind of confrontation with the shooter before the unknown man opened fire. The day before, cameras caught the same guy several times walking around the building with what appeared to be a cell phone at his ear.

Raleigh police say the cases are unrelated. But in March 2017, months after investigations began into both shootings, separate detectives on each case, one day apart, employed an innovative strategy in criminal investigations.

On a satellite image, they drew shapes around the crime scenes, marking the coordinates on the map. Then they convinced a Wake County judge they had enough probable cause to order Google to hand over account identifiers on every single cell phone that crossed the digital cordon during certain times.

In at least four investigations last year – cases of murder, sexual battery and even possible arson at the massive downtown fire in March 2017 – Raleigh police used search warrants to demand Google accounts not of specific suspects, but from any mobile devices that veered too close to the scene of a crime, according to a WRAL News review of court records.</p>

Two things: first, the idea of a "public records reporter" wouldn't exist in the UK; they're either incredibly hard to access, or trivial. Second, why only Google? What if there were iPhone users who didn't use Google services in the area?
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15 hours ago by charlesarthur
529 Garage: Register. Respond. Recover.
"Community-based bike registration and recovery service."
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yesterday by JJLDickinson
Finalized Memo Mar. 13, 2018
wow. awesome to see this reasoned through and put out there!
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yesterday by shadowspar
The Decemberists thank Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the liner notes of their new album | Consequence of Sound
Colin Meloy isn't afraid to get political on The Decemberists' new album, I'll Be Your Girl
Today marks the release of The Decemberists’ eighth studio LP, the synth-accented I’ll Be Your Girl, and fans who opted to pick up a physical copy of the album may have noticed a surprising name in the liner notes. Special counsel Robert Mueller, the man tasked with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, is thanked by Colin Meloy and his merry band of musicians.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Subpoena of Trump Organization Records Brings Mueller Closer to Sater, Cohen - WhoWhatWhy
News that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Trump Organization records puts the president in a really tough spot with no good choices.
The move shows that Mueller clearly couldn’t care less about the “red line” President Donald Trump drew in July last year during an interview with the New York Times. The president was asked whether investigating his personal and family finances unrelated to Russia would be crossing a red line.
“I would say yes,” Trump said back then. But that is precisely what Mueller seems to be doing now. Such a move could lead Trump to try getting rid of Mueller, something many of the president’s own allies believe would be a catastrophic decision.
If Mueller continues down this path, however, he will get a much clearer picture of Trump’s financial ties to Putin’s regime and to dubious figures in the US and within Russia.
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yesterday by rgl7194
The Wire, 10 years on: ‘We tore the cover off a city and showed the American dream was dead’
David Simon’s ‘anti-cop show’ struggled to find an audience before being lauded as a classic and making stars of Idris Elba, Michael B Jordan and others. Here, some of its writers and stars look back at a series that changed TV for ever
capitalism  crime  politics  tv 
2 days ago by jacobraleigh
Britain's Grooming Gang Crisis - Quillette
We cannot cure an illness before we have understood it. It is therefore important to be careful and nuanced. But I empathise with the frustration of those whose blood will boil on seeing those words. Like terrorism, this is a phenomenon that would not have existed on a comparable scale if not for the unprecedented top-down cosmopolitanism encouraged by the same political and media classes who now tactfully look the other way. Nuance was not a priority while that process was taking place, which is why its architects were tragically and appallingly unprepared to deal with its complications.
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2 days ago by campion1581
[1207.7139] Traveling the Silk Road: A measurement analysis of a large anonymous online marketplace
We perform a comprehensive measurement analysis of Silk Road, an anonymous, international online marketplace that operates as a Tor hidden service and uses Bitcoin as its exchange currency. We gather and analyze data over eight months between the end of 2011 and 2012, including daily crawls of the marketplace for nearly six months in 2012. We obtain a detailed picture of the type of goods being sold on Silk Road, and of the revenues made both by sellers and Silk Road operators. Through examining over 24,400 separate items sold on the site, we show that Silk Road is overwhelmingly used as a market for controlled substances and narcotics, and that most items sold are available for less than three weeks. The majority of sellers disappears within roughly three months of their arrival, but a core of 112 sellers has been present throughout our measurement interval. We evaluate the total revenue made by all sellers, from public listings, to slightly over USD 1.2 million per month; this corresponds to about USD 92,000 per month in commissions for the Silk Road operators. We further show that the marketplace has been operating steadily, with daily sales and number of sellers overall increasing over our measurement interval. We discuss economic and policy implications of our analysis and results, including ethical considerations for future research in this area.
silkroad  cryptomarket  economics  dynamics  market_microstructure  crime 
2 days ago by rvenkat
Measuring the Longitudinal Evolution of the Online Anonymous Marketplace Ecosystem
February 2011 saw the emergence of Silk Road, the first successful online anonymous marketplace, in which buyers and sellers could transact with anonymity properties far superior to those available in alternative online or offline means of commerce. Business on Silk Road, primarily involving narcotics trafficking, rapidly boomed, and competitors emerged. At the same time, law enforcement did not sit idle, and eventually managed to shut down Silk Road in October 2013 and arrest its operator. Far from causing the demise of this novel form of commerce, the Silk Road take-down spawned an entire, dynamic, online anonymous marketplace ecosystem, which has continued to evolve to this day. This paper presents a long-term measurement analysis of a large portion of this online anonymous marketplace ecosystem, including 16 different marketplaces, over more than two years (2013–2015). By using long-term measurements, and combining our own data collection with publicly available previous efforts, we offer a detailed understanding of the growth of the online anonymous marketplace ecosystem. We are able to document the evolution of the types of goods being sold, and assess the effect (or lack thereof) of adversarial events, such as law enforcement operations or large-scale frauds, on the overall size of the economy. We also provide insights into how vendors are diversifying and replicating across marketplaces, and how vendor security practices (e.g., PGP adoption) are evolving. These different aspects help us understand how traditional, physical-world criminal activities are developing an online presence, in the same manner traditional commerce diversified online in the 1990s
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2 days ago by rvenkat

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