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Witnesses: Man Cut the Throats of Two MAX Passengers Who Tried to Stop Anti-Muslim Bullying of Women on Northeast Portland Train - Willamette Week
Gateway Transit Center (TriMet)
By Aaron Mesh | Published May 26 at 7:00 PM
A man riding the MAX in Northeast Portland fatally stabbed two passengers who tried to stop him from hurling racial and anti-Muslim insults at women on the train, witnesses tell WW's news partner KATU-TV.
hate  crime  murder  Muslim 
yesterday by Quercki
British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money | World news | The Guardian
Billions of dollars were moved out of Russia in ‘Global Laundromat’ operation, with anonymously owned UK companies playing major role
banks  crime  fraud  uk  russia  money 
yesterday by soobrosa
Trafficked and enslaved: the teenagers tending UK cannabis farms | Society | The Guardian
Vietnamese teens are tending Britain’s makeshift drug factories in empty buildings from suburban homes to a nuclear bunker.
uk  crime  vietnam  drugs  teen 
yesterday by soobrosa
Libor: Bank of England implicated in secret recording - BBC News
A secret recording that implicates the Bank of England in Libor rigging has been uncovered by BBC Panorama.
uk  finance  crime  libor  cartel 
yesterday by soobrosa
Dodgy Gaming Business: Malta Plays Fast and Loose with Online Gambling Firms - SPIEGEL ONLINE
When it comes to online gaming, Malta is a true paradise. The country's supervisory controls are loose and officials often look the other way, opening the door for possible money laundering and tax evasion, a whistleblower claims.
malta  europe  gambling  crime  tax 
yesterday by soobrosa
2 dead in stabbing on MAX near Hollywood TC
Three people were involved in a stabbing near the Hollywood Transit Center in Northeast Portland.
portland  islamophobia  crime  death 
yesterday by sfriedenberg
Jail break: America’s prisons are failing. Here’s how to make them work | The Economist
A ten-year sentence costs ten times as much as a one-year sentence, but is nowhere near ten times as effective a deterrent. Criminals do not think ten years into the future. If they did, they would take up some other line of work. One study found that each extra year in prison raises the risk of reoffending by six percentage points. Also, because mass incarceration breaks up families and renders many ex-convicts unemployable, it has raised the American poverty rate by an estimated 20%. Many states, including Mr Sessions’s home, Alabama, have decided that enough is enough. Between 2010 and 2015 America’s incarceration rate fell by 8%. Far from leading to a surge in crime, this was accompanied by a 15% drop.
crime  government 
2 days ago by atbradley
"Are you illegal?" A policeman's question to a Honduran who had just been run over by a car
A 31-year-old undocumented Honduran bicyclist, Marcos Antonio Huete, was hit by a car in Key West (Florida) on his way to work. The policeman's camera shows him inquiring about the victim's immigration status before offering medical assistance. He was later detained by the Border Patrol.
immigration  legal  crime  police-state  police 
2 days ago by sfriedenberg
The Curious Case of the Disappearing Nuts
In California, millions of dollars' worth of almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are disappearing. Farmers are perplexed, the cops are confused, and the crooks are getting richer. We sent our correspondent to the Central Valley to take a crack at the crimes.
crime  nuts  longform 
2 days ago by mbischoff
Syrian Army Recruiting Suweida Prisoners in Exchange for Amnesty - Zaman al-Wasl, May 3,2017
The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that prisoners taking part in the deal include those convicted of murder, violent robbery and drug trafficking, some of which have been behind bars for the past 15 years.
crime  prison  Mar15  recruitment  SAA  DeirEzZor 
2 days ago by elizrael
Regime Officers Caught Looting Food Rations from Fellow Soldiers - a-Souria Net, May 12,2017
The “We Want to Be Discharged” page run by soldiers from Group 102, which entered its eighth year serving in the Assad ranks, revealed details of the theft of food provisions and confirmed the involvement of officers and non-commissioned officers in the scandal.

The page said that in the middle of last month, a complaint was submitted to the Defense Ministry of the Assad regime about the theft of canned food rations from Assad forces serving in Daraa and its countryside and the unit concentrated on the front lines. The ministry said that it would open an investigation into the matter, according to the page.
Mar15  crime  corruption  SAA  food  social_media  hidden 
2 days ago by elizrael

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