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MyBoox remplacé par
Les grands distributeurs créent des sites communs pour leurs éditeurs. Il sera intéressant de voir comment Hachette va restructurer MyBoox : catalogue interactif, jeux, animation de communauté. La distribution va au delà de son action habituelle.
Hachette  MyBoox  CommunityManagement 
21 days ago by SophieStM Site de promotion et relationnel de Interform
IL sera intéressant de voir ce que proposera Interforum sur son site mutualisé qui se présentera un peu comme une librairie avec des outils pour rendre le catalogue livre attrayant et pour garder contact et mobiliser les communautés. La distribution va au delà de son action habituelle.
Interforum  CommunityManagement 
21 days ago by SophieStM
La nouvelle communication des clubs pendant le mercato -
Ce mercato estivale marque une tendance au niveau de la communication des clubs. Ils se montrent de plus en plus créatifs pour les transferts.
communication  communitymanagement  sport  football 
9 weeks ago by BertrandSoulier
The art of hosting good online conversations
Howard Rheingold's list of tips, first published in 1998, is still spot-on today: "Communities don’t just happen automatically when you provide communication tools: under the right conditions, online communities grow. They are gardened."
howardrheingold  onlinecommunities  communitymanagement  digitalself 
october 2016 by warnick
The secret rules of the internet
The Verge looks at moderation policies at YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other behemoth sites: "The moderators of these platforms — perched uneasily at the intersection of corporate profits, social responsibility, and human rights — have a powerful impact on free speech, government dissent, the shaping of social norms, user safety, and the meaning of privacy. What flagged content should be removed? Who decides what stays and why? What constitutes newsworthiness? Threat? Harm? When should law enforcement be involved?"
internet  moderators  communitymanagement  onlinecommunities  freespeech 
july 2016 by warnick
The dark side of Guardian comments
The Guardian dives into its own website: "New research into our own comment threads provides the first quantitative evidence for what female journalists have long suspected: that articles written by women attract more abuse and dismissive trolling than those written by men, regardless of what the article is about."
guardian  comments  communitymanagement  journalism  sexism 
july 2016 by warnick
To Foster Innovation, Connect Coworkers Who Share Aspirations
Communities of origin, Communities of growth, Communities of aspiration #communitymanagement

Communities of aspiration requirements for success
- A common project
- Voluntary
- Short-term
- Interlinked
- Collaborative
community_management  communitymanagement 
july 2016 by tom.reeder

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