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Community Management: The party must go on!
Social Media ist wie eine Party. Was tust du, wenn du auf eine Fete kommst, auf der du niemanden kennst? Du hältst keine Monologe und erzählst allen, wie toll du bist und was du so alles zu bieten hast. Du stellst dich einfach irgendwo dazu und versuchst, ins Gespräch zu kommen.
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9 weeks ago by fwhamm
Leading and Learning: How to Feed a Community – Tanmay Vora
And then, we belong to offline communities at work and outside of work. There again, conversation, generous sharing and helping others make meaningful progress is at the heart of building a community. I learned a great deal of this by going through my mentor Rajesh Setty’s program “The Right Hustle” which he defines as:

To hustle right is to choreograph the actions of those that matter to create meaningful accomplishments in an arrangement where everybody involved finds a win.

It became quite clear to me that

learning is a social act and we learn the most when we learn together.

In the communities that we choose to belong to (online and offline), we have to do our part in feeding it. It is only when we are generous about sharing our gifts that we build credibility to receive anything meaningful in return, build influence, thought leadership and learn.

Harold Jarche’s Personal Knowledge Mastery and the mindset of working out loud evangelized by John Stepper are great ways to feed your community and learn.
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october 2017 by MicrowebOrg
MyBoox remplacé par
Les grands distributeurs créent des sites communs pour leurs éditeurs. Il sera intéressant de voir comment Hachette va restructurer MyBoox : catalogue interactif, jeux, animation de communauté. La distribution va au delà de son action habituelle.
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august 2017 by SophieStM Site de promotion et relationnel de Interform
IL sera intéressant de voir ce que proposera Interforum sur son site mutualisé qui se présentera un peu comme une librairie avec des outils pour rendre le catalogue livre attrayant et pour garder contact et mobiliser les communautés. La distribution va au delà de son action habituelle.
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august 2017 by SophieStM
La nouvelle communication des clubs pendant le mercato -
Ce mercato estivale marque une tendance au niveau de la communication des clubs. Ils se montrent de plus en plus créatifs pour les transferts.
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july 2017 by BertrandSoulier

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