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One-Dimensional Computational Topology fall 2017
One-Dimensional Computational Topology
CS 598 JGE, Fall 2017
community  math.GT  math.AT 
5 hours ago by coltongrainger
Negatized by thingswithwings
Community, Troy/Abed. "The Inspector is famously thought of as asexual; the Anti-Inspector is . . . not. Abed likes to play both roles." When Inspector Spacetime gets negatized, Constable Reggie must contend with the Anti-Inspector's evil desires. // 2.4K, Imaginary noncon. :D
fanfic  Community  slash  pair:AbedNadir/TroyBarnes  ref:roleplay  ref:noncon  ref:enemysex  ref:enemyslash  ref:humor  ref:established  au:thingswithwings  fandom:Community 
8 hours ago by zhena
A Hard Day's Night by thedeadparrot
Community, Abed, Troy, Annie, gen. "Abed gets home after a rough day at work." Unfortunately, Abed lost his job when someone dropped a helicarrier on his cubicle. // 1K crossover, the end of Abed's secret government mail sorting. Warm and fuzzy fic, oddly enough.
fanfic  Community  CaptainAmerica  gen  pair:AbedNadir|TroyBarnes|AnnieEdison  ref:xover  ref:humor  ref:domestic  au:thedeadparrot  fandom:CaptainAmerica  fandom:MiscTV 
11 hours ago by zhena
Productivity Guild
It’s not about what you should do. It’s about what you are doing.
It’s not about what you should do. It’s about what you are doing.
productivity  gtd  forum  community  resource  site  omnifocus  workflow 
16 hours ago by michaelfox
Spectrum makes it easy to grow safe, successful online communities that are built to last.
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16 hours ago by robertocarroll
Refind – Worth your attention
Private community for discovering new things.
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18 hours ago by cd
Next coffee morning and how to run one (22 Jan., 2015, at Interconnected)
Space beats structure. Hardware-ish coffee morning is once every two weeks, same time, same place. I'll be there, people come and go. There's no sign-up list, no name badges, no speakers. There are a bunch of great events out there, I don't need another place to be in an audience. Open space.
Informality wins. It's good to not have regular attendees... It's like a street corner, familiar faces and surprise visitors. I try to help this by making sure there are lots of little conversations, not one big one, and by making connections if two people seem to be talking abut the same thing. Mingling is where magic happens.
Convening not chairing. I announce a week ahead of time, and send reminders. I circulate my own perspective afterwards. If I'm having relevant meetings, I ask people to come to the coffee morning instead; that helps set a tone. I also collect names: Everyone gets added to a mailing list where they get all the updates. But at the thing itself, I just chat.
Bonfires not fireworks. For weird chats that have a chance of going deep and leading to new ideas, I suspect that 2 people is better than 20. A fine balance of familiarity and novelty. So: Slow burn. If I'm on my own one week, that's fine. Just keep going. Telling everyone and making it too big too fast would kill it.
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yesterday by robertocarroll
Developer community.
yesterday by cd

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