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The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – community | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian
Social care in the community and post psychiatry. Ringmer village project following this model one day?
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Transparency and the AMP Project · Issue #13597 · ampproject/amphtml
AMP に関してもやっとしていた部分に関連する議論。
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The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – community | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian
What this provisional data appears to show is that when isolated people who have health problems are supported by community groups and volunteers, the number of emergency admissions to hospital falls spectacularly. While across the whole of Somerset emergency hospital admissions rose by 29% during the three years of the study, in Frome they fell by 17%. Julian Abel, a consultant physician in palliative care and lead author of the draft paper, remarks: “No other interventions on record have reduced emergency admissions across a population.”
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Conferize - We need to meet
The all-in-one social solution for modern event makers: Website, tickets, and community in one place.
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