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UC3: Web Archiving Activities
"With funding from the Institute of Library and Museum Services (IMLS) and in partnership with UCLA and Harvard University, CDL is developing Cobweb, an open source platform to support collaborative collection development for web archives. Cobweb’s core functionality supports digital curators in establishing projects to collect thematically organized web archives, allows for submission of nominations to those projects, tracks claims made by collecting organizations to participate by archiving nominated web resources, and reports on holdings that have been archived. The shared curatorial decision-making enabled by Cobweb will benefit libraries and archives already engaged in web archiving as well as those that have not yet started, and it will help them make better informed decisions regarding the allocation of their finite resources. Cobweb also provides researchers with aggregated descriptions of archived resources to help them identify and find those useful to their research."
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The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen can reinvent your daily routine
“Put simply, the Kaizen approach is based on the belief that continuous, incremental improvement adds up to substantial change over time. When teams or groups implement Kaizen, they circumvent the upheaval, unrest, and mistakes that often go hand-in-hand with major innovation. It’s fitting that the Japanese word kaizen translates to “good change.””
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What makes for a successful coalition and ? How does one design and implement such initiatives from g…
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What the Four Color Theorem Can Teach Us About Writing Software
The four-color theorem provides a way to think about the complexity of graphs, which maps nicely to software.
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Meetingbird - The Modern Scheduling Platform
Meetingbird's simple interface and tight integration with Google Calendar and Gmail make scheduling meetings seamless.
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2 days ago by liqweed
Pittsburgh firms team up to offer AI contract review software to clients
Two Pittsburgh-based businesses—the law firm Horty, Springer, & Mattern and legal tech company LegalSifter—are teaming up to provide clients with new artificial intelligence contract review software.

“It’s the next logical step in the use of artificial intelligence in the legal profession,” Dan Mulholland, senior partner at Horty Springer, says in a release. “Clients would like a legal review of every contract they sign, but to do so the review has to be affordable and aligned with the speed of business. Artificial intelligence, with embedded guidance designed by lawyers, is the only way to make that consistently possible.”

Starting in a few weeks, a subscription service will be available to clients who want to use the online software.

To work, LegalSifter combines two forms of artificial intelligence. First, the program uses natural language processing to read contracts for particular terms and clauses. Once the software has flagged appropriate sections of the contract, it places pre-programmed comments or preferred terms from Horty Springer attorneys.
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