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Guidelines for Writing Proper Tickets and Commits
The ticket titles, descriptions, and commit messages we provide in our workflow should make the jobs of not only our peers easier, but also future team members who will inherit the project.

The ticket titles, descriptions, and commit messages we provide in our workflow should make the jobs of not only our peers easier, but also future team members who will inherit the project.

styleguide  bestpractices  team  collaboration 
22 hours ago by michaelfox
Using R with Jupyter Notebooks (Revolutions)
by Andrie de Vries Reproducible research has been integral to the ethos of R for many years. For example, literate programming allowed you to embed R into various report writing systems. Firstly, there was Sweave, that allowed you to embed R into latex to produce PDF or HTML documents. More recently, knitr and RMarkdown evolved, allowing you to very easily create HTML pages as well as other formats, including HTML5 presentations and even Word documents. Sweave, knitr and RMarkdown al...
analysis  r  jupyter  analytics  collaboration  datascience 
2 days ago by shoesiq
Roadmap | A visual project and team management app
Roadmap is a simple, flexible project management and team scheduling app designed to bring clarity to your work.
project-management  team  collaboration 
3 days ago by ijy
Dear Ueno: how do you create UX with delightful animations?
Animation/prototyping almost always helps sell design concepts to clients more successfully than a static comp. In my experience a 10 second animation can help convey a new idea more effectively than an entire 30 minute meeting.
prototyping  by:ueno  agency  motiondesign  animation  UX  collaboration 
3 days ago by dirtystylus
First among equals -- mentions BGI
BGI & University of Copenhagen: CS 45.6

BGI’s ties to the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) started with a personal connection: one of the founders of the gene-sequencing company, Yang Huanming, received his PhD from UCPH in 1988.

Founded in 1999 as the Beijing Genomics Institute, in 2007 the organization moved to Shenzhen where it has grown to become one of the world’s premiere genomics institutes. Its ties to UCPH were cemented in 2012 when the university welcomed the opening of BGI-Europe on ...
BGI  university  collaboration  genomics 
3 days ago by dcowhig
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
The global coordination of the DNS Root, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources is performed as the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions.
collaboration  internet 
3 days ago by msurbey

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