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Cohen leak source
Financial documents leaked because it looks like the official record was doctored
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7 days ago by nelson
Missing Files Motivated the Leak of Michael Cohen’s Financial Records | The New Yorker
“This is a terrifying time to be an American, to be in this situation, and to watch all of this unfold.”
Cohen  Corruption  SAR  Banking  Treasury  FINCEN 
7 days ago by Membranophonist
How Michael Cohen, Denied Job in White House, Was Seen as Its Gatekeeper - The New York Times
After paying off a pornographic film actress and doing other tasks to help his boss win the presidency, Michael D. Cohen was surprised to find that the doors to the White House were mostly closed to him.
corruption  trump  cohen 
8 days ago by yorksranter
How Michael Cohen, Trump’s Fixer, Built a Shadowy Business Empire - The New York Times
Uncle Morty, as he was known to his family, had no children of his own, and he and Mr. Cohen were close. He even let his nephew drive his Bentley.

Dr. Levine, a family practitioner, provided medical assistance to members of the Lucchese crime family
trump  cohen  mafia 
13 days ago by yorksranter
Companies like AT&T were slipping 100s of thousands of $ into 's LLC which was the same account used to pay…
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15 days ago by jonCates
How Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, built a shadowy business empire • The New York Times
William K. Rashbaum, Danny Hakim, Brian M. Rosenthal, Emily Flitter and Jesse Drucker:
<p>Mr. Cohen’s businesses are private entities, making it difficult to get a full picture of their finances and operations. But a New York Times review of thousands of pages of public records, and interviews with bankers, lawyers and businessmen who have interacted with Mr. Cohen, reveal the degree to which he has often operated in the backwaters of the financial and legal worlds.

While he has not been charged with a crime, many of his associates have faced either criminal charges or stiff regulatory penalties. That includes partners in the taxi business, doctors for whom he helped establish medical clinics and lawyers with whom he worked.

He has spent much of his personal and professional life with immigrants from Russia and Ukraine. His father-in-law, who helped establish him in the taxi business, was born in Ukraine, as was one of Mr. Cohen’s partners in that industry. Another partner was Russian. And Mr. Cohen used his connections in the region when scouting business opportunities for Mr. Trump in former Soviet republics.

More recently, Mr. Cohen and his father-in-law lent more than $25m to a Ukrainian businessman who has a checkered financial record and a history of defaulting on loans. And Mr. Cohen long held a small stake in his uncle’s catering hall, which was frequented by Russian and Italian mobsters.

In addition to his legal and taxi businesses, Mr. Cohen has had a seemingly charmed touch as a real estate investor. On one day in 2014, he sold four buildings in Manhattan for $32 million, entirely in cash. That was nearly three times what he paid for them no more than three years earlier.</p>

The way in which this never says "money laundering" is impressive.
trump  cohen  taxis 
16 days ago by charlesarthur
Trump changes story over Michael Cohen payment to Stormy Daniels | US news | The Guardian
Trump admits to knowing about the Michael Cohen Stormy Daniels deal after all, admitting he lied on campaign finance statement
trump  cohen  daniels  lawsuit  giuliani  Q2  2018  eevelation  campaign  finance  law  scandal  politics  usa 
21 days ago by csrollyson
The Daily 202: Barbara Bush and Donald Trump responded very differently to the AIDS epidemic - The Washington Post
One of the president's longtime legal advisers, Jay Goldberg, warned Trump in a phone call last week that Michael Cohen would likely flip against him and cooperate with prosecutors if faced with criminal charges. The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Palazzolo, Michael Rothfeld and Michael Siconolfi report: “On a scale of 100 to 1, where 100 is fully protecting the president, Mr. Cohen ‘isn’t even a 1,’ he said he told Mr. Trump. ‘Michael will never stand up [for you]’ if charged by the government, Mr. Goldberg said[.] In the call, Mr. Goldberg, a former prosecutor … said he told the president Mr. Cohen could even agree to wear a wire and try to record conversations with Mr. Trump. ‘You have to be alert,’ Mr. Goldberg [said]. ‘I don’t care what Michael says.’ Speaking from his experience as a prosecutor, he said even hardened organized-crime figures flip under pressure from the government. Mr. Goldberg said the volume of correspondence taken and the potential pressure the government can bring to bear on Mr. Cohen to testify put the president in more potential peril … than from [Mueller’s] investigation. Mr. Goldberg said he warned Mr. Trump [against] submitting to an interview with Mr. Mueller’s team … Prompted by the president for his advice, he also said he recommended Mr. Trump fire Rod Rosenstein[.]”
trump  cohen  politics 
4 weeks ago by auerbach
Michael Cohen mobster
Remarkable photos from the Daily Mail
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5 weeks ago by nelson
The dossier alleges that , Kosachev and other attendees discussed “how deniable cash payments were to be made…
Cohen  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by Palafo
Cohen raid op/ed
Simple article explaining the new high stakes
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6 weeks ago by nelson

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