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Epic Systems warns customers it will stop supporting Google Cloud
“The move comes as Google is facing criticism from privacy advocates about its work with Ascension, one of the largest U.S. health systems. The news broke that a small number of Google employees had access to Ascension patients’ protected health information after the two organizations signed a deal to move health information into Google’s servers. Google has subsequently said that it is “super proud” of this work with Ascension, and that it hopes to leverage the data for good to develop technologies to detect disease earlier, as well as a tool for doctors and nurses to more easily search their medical record systems, including Epic.”

Enterprise buyers are much more paranoid about these kinds of things.
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Nasdaq CIO Sees Serverless Computing as a 2020 Tech Trend
‘The technology “is reducing capital costs and shifting the focus to customers’ needs instead of setting up, configuring, patching and maintaining servers in the data center,” according to Nasdaq’s 2020 Tech Trends report released Thursday. “The cloud provider takes care of the scale and security, making the infrastructure essentially invisible,” according to the report, to which Mr. Peterson contributed.’

That’s pretty good plain English.
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PaaS for Multi-Cloud Hosting, Development, and Deployment with PHP, Java, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Golang |
The end-to-end web platform for agile teams. Build, evolve, and scale your website fleet—with zero infrastructure management investment. Get hosting, CI/CD, automated updates, global 24x7 support. We support PHP, Node.js, Drupal, WordPress, Ruby, Golang, Python, MySQL, ElasticSearch, and more.
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Decision Pyramid: Choosing the Right ML Tools - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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2 cloud and AI myths you shouldn’t believe | InfoWorld
In tech circles, we have two primary faults: We’re overly eager to usher in the future and ironically too quick to disregard it when it doesn’t come as fast as we projected. 2 cloud and AI myths you shouldn’t believe
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