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It’s small things that matter. Especially useful is limiting the params part.
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9 days ago by alvar
Code Rot -- The Third Decay
Code Rot -- The Third Decay

" I'll fix it later. "

Probably my favorite ever comment in code, seen in 2013, exemplifying the entire history of our industry :

* This code is crap
* D...
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19 days ago by rhaley
more-itertools · PyPI
Grouping chunked, ichunked, sliced, distribute, divide, split_at, split_before, split_after, split_into, split_when, bucket, unzip, grouper, partition
Lookahead and lookback spy, peekable, seekable
Windowing windowed, substrings, substrings_indexes, stagger, pairwise
Augmenting count_cycle, intersperse, padded, repeat_last, adjacent, groupby_transform, padnone, ncycles
Combining collapse, sort_together, interleave, interleave_longest, collate, zip_offset, dotproduct, flatten, roundrobin, prepend
Summarizing ilen, first, last, one, only, unique_to_each, locate, rlocate, consecutive_groups, exactly_n, run_length, map_reduce, all_equal, first_true, nth, quantify
Selecting islice_extended, strip, lstrip, rstrip, take, tail, unique_everseen, unique_justseen filter_except map_except
Combinatorics distinct_permutations, distinct_combinations, circular_shifts, partitions, set_partitions, powerset, random_product, random_permutation, random_combination, random_combination_with_replacement, nth_combination
Wrapping always_iterable, consumer, with_iter, iter_except
Others replace, numeric_range, always_reversible, side_effect, iterate, difference, make_decorator, SequenceView, time_limited, consume, tabulate, repeatfunc
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4 weeks ago by rhaley

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