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Untitled by Jesús Castillo - Poems | Academy of American Poets
"Dear Empire, I am confused each time I wake inside you.
You invent addictions.
Are you a high-end graveyard or a child?
I see your children dragging their brains along.
Why not a god who loves water and dancing
instead of mirrors that recite your pretty features only?

You wear a different face to each atrocity.
You are un-unified and tangled.
Are you just gluttony?
Are you civilization’s slow grenade?

I am confused each time I’m swallowed by your doors."
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16 days ago by robertogreco
Manual Manhood by C. R. Wiley | Articles | First Things
Holy Moly. Glad I came across this. Also his book which starts off with a kick. Will likely be one to read and share..
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4 weeks ago by jete.jeter
quà tặng cao cấp cho sếp nam – 24kgoldart
quà tặng cao cấp cho sếp nam

This is the image description

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5 weeks ago by 24kgoldart
quà tặng cao cấp cho sếp nam – 24kgoldart
quà tặng cao cấp cho sếp nam

This is the image description

via 500px Uncategorized, 500px, civilization, culture, eco-tourism, embellished, IFTTT, indonesian, intricate, nusa dua, ornate, religious, south east asia, tropical location, uncomplicated June 09, 2018 at 10:28PM
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5 weeks ago by 24kgoldart -- Strong Families, Secure Borders
'...The decline of our civilizations began in each country which legalized and socially accepted contraception, beginning with England in 1938. -- All of this was predicted in the 1968 Papal Encyclical Humanae Vitae, and the worst-case scenario has become reality. -- Contraception has damaged western family life and crippled our civilization. -- Marriages have been destroyed, pornography is rampant, and abortion has exterminated ‘undesirables’ on an industrial level. -- Narcissism is the fruit of contraception: it has encouraged selfish irresponsibility, licentious hedonism, and promised a false escape from human nature. -- In a vain attempt to empower women, it has taught both men and women to regard the other with suspicion and closed our hearts to one another. -- Contraception has carved deep rifts and ugly scars into the relationships between men, women, and children. -- It has taught men to behave like animals, women to despise their ability to give life, and reduced children to economic props that subtract from a parent’s self-indulgent happiness. -- It destroys marriages by separating childbirth from sexuality, reducing sex to a contact sport with no strings attached. -- The chemical poisons make it harder for men and women to bond, and rob them of the joy of children, as well as the healthy desire for children. -- There are no corresponding benefits to contraception. It has only made us more miserable and hopeless, and driven us further apart into isolation together. Either the contraceptive culture must go or western culture must go. There is no third way.'
rkselectiontheory  decadence  contraception  civilization  family 
5 weeks ago by adamcrowe

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