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Site-selection expert: Here's why Cincinnati is a great place to do business -
Companies seeking to open or relocate industrial and distribution facilities would be remiss if they didn't have Cincinnati on their short list of destinations.

That's according to site-selection expert Brad Migdal, who said Cincinnati's central geographic location and access to major shipping routes and highways give it an advantage many other similar-sized cities don't have.
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Visit | American Sign Museum
"The American Sign Museum is 20,000 square feet of more than a century of American signage. From early, pre-electric signs adorned in goldleaf, to the earliest electric signs, to beautiful art-deco neon, to the modern plastic-faced sign, the museum covers it all. Expect to spend at least an hour exploring the history of this always-seen, but virtually unnoticed, industry. Optimize your American Sign Museum experience by taking one of our guided tours. A knowledgeable guide will regale you with the stories behind the signs, and answer any and all questions. Stroll down your personal memory lane!"
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Former downtown Cincinnati P&G office purchased for conversion to boutique hotel
"Sun Companies plans to convert the more-than-125,000-square-foot building into a 130-room Cambria Hotel."  hotels  cincinnati  historic.preservation 
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