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Everhelper - Eversync - Sync your bookmarks in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and mobile devices
Enjoy access to your favorite sites, bookmarks, and tabs from any computer and any browser. Free for 15000 Dials/Bookmarks - 500 Private Bookmarks/Dials - 500 Archive Bookmarks/Dials
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2 days ago by nicoladagostino
Microsoft Edge Insider Channels
Windows 10 x64 early builds now, other Windows later
microsoft  edge  edgium  browser  chromium  beta  software  windows  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
19 days ago by asteroza
ssl - Getting Chrome to accept self-signed localhost certificate - Stack Overflow
Click anywhere on the page and type a BYPASS_SEQUENCE

"thisisunsafe" is a BYPASS_SEQUENCE for Chrome version 65
selfsignedcert  chrome  brave  chromium 
20 days ago by tulbox
linux - Self signed certificate not trusted - Super User
A: [...] After solving this, httpie is behaving properly. It is strange that curl was not complaining about this.

This is not yet solving the problem in Chrome though ... I assume that Chrome does not use system-wide CAs.
stackexchange  forumthread  2018  ssl  tls  security  internet  software  chrome.browser  chromium  firefox  links  tips  cli  example  linux  unix  openssl 
22 days ago by ezequiel
The Rule Of 2
The Rule Of 2 is: Pick no more than 2 of

untrustworthy inputs;
unsafe implementation language; and
high privilege.
chrome  chromium  security  rule 
4 weeks ago by mjs
Run Chrome/Chromium with proxy settings on Linux - Internal Pointers
[...] Fair enough: Chrome and Chromium cannot read environment parameters I set up for my proxy, so the solution lies in the command line. What follows is the generic option flag for when you invoke Chrome/Chromium from the terminal: [...]
blogpost  2016  cli  chrome.browser  chromium  configuration  proxy  howto  example  tips 
4 weeks ago by ezequiel
Google's Chromium browser explained | Computerworld
Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, but there would be no Chrome without Chromium, the open source project that underpins it. Here's what Chromium is, where you can download it and how it shapes your online experience. [And, if you hate it, here's how to get rid of it.]
google  chromium  browser 
5 weeks ago by gdw

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