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The Tiger and the Dragon: India as a Counterbalance to China in the Indo-Pacific
Sept 2018 Modern War Institute report
This report provides an analysis of the spaces in which the United States may find success working with India to counterbalance China’s challenge to the status quo—as well as an assessment of the potential hurdles in attempts to do so—both in general and through an examination of specific lessons from the South China Sea.
mwi  china  india  indo_pacific  south_china_sea 
22 minutes ago by strohps
The Power of China’s Energy Efficiency Policies
Sept 2018 IFRI report
This research memorandum...analyses the role of energy efficiency in the overall Chinese policy mix, and discusses its impact on key issues for China, including: the fight against climate change, the search for sustained economic growth, the reduction of its reliance on coal, and the potential impact on international trade. The memo focuses on industrial energy efficiency.
ifri  china  energy 
26 minutes ago by strohps
Too Big to Ignore. Assessing the strategic implications of China's Belt and Road Initiative
Aug 2018 ASPI report
This report identifies the management of one conundrum above all else as the key to the BRI’s fortunes from a Chinese perspective: the ability to retain sufficient support from the world’s governments and institutions as a means of both underpinning its business case and heading off the possibility of geo-economic and geostrategic competition.
aspi  china 
32 minutes ago by strohps
Party Watch Annual Report 2018 | Center for Advanced China Research
Table of ContentsIntroduction: Trends Since the 19th Party CongressDavid GitterElite Politics in the New Era: Xi’s Centralization of Power and the CCP’s Strate
china  party  communist  politics  partywatch2018 
1 hour ago by dcowhig
Leave no dark corner - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
What may sound like a dystopian vision of the future is already happening in China. And it’s making and breaking lives.

The Communist Party calls it “social credit” and says it will be fully operational by 2020.

Within years, an official Party outline claims, it will “allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step”.
censorship  china 
1 hour ago by astrogirl
The End of America’s China Fantasy
A long-overdue shift in America’s China policy is underway. After decades of “constructive engagement” – an approach that has facilitated China’s rise, even as the country has violated international rules and norms – the United States is now seeking active and concrete counter-measures. But is it too late to rein in a country that has emerged, with US help, as America’s main geopolitical rival?From Richard Nixon to Barack Obama, successive US presidents regarded aiding China’s economic rise as a matter of national interest.. Even as China defied world trade rules, forced companies to share their intellectual property, and flexed its military muscles, the US held onto the naive hope that, as China became increasingly prosperous, it would naturally pursue economic and even political liberalization.That is not what happened. Instead, China established itself at the center of global manufacturing value chains, as countless companies moved their production to the country while keeping its markets, politics, and people under tight control. In fact, China’s dictatorship has become even more entrenched in recent years, as the Communist Party of China has used digital technologies to build a surveillance state. Meanwhile, the US has run up trillions of dollars in bilateral trade deficits.Over the last couple of years, however, the China-policy debate in the US has begun to reflect more realism, with a growing number of voices recognizing China’s ambition to supplant its American benefactor as the leading global superpower.This rhetorical shift is being translated into action. President Donald Trump’s trade war, in particular, has grabbed headlines, though many observers have failed to discern the strategy behind the tariffs.To be sure, this does not mean that the US is going to adopt an overtly confrontational China policy Instead, the US seems to hope that it can use primarily economic levers to weaken China – a kind of death from a thousand cuts. But will it be enough? Or is the US effectively shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted?
ps-columns  China  geopolitics  trade  US 
2 hours ago by thomas.kochi
Swiss Bank Discourages China Travel After Banker Is Kept in Beijing - The New York Times
UBS, the Swiss banking giant, has asked dozens of its wealth managers to check with their bosses before making any trips to mainland China in the coming days, after one of the bank’s advisers to wealthy Chinese clients was prevented last week from flying home to Singapore from Beijing.
1  china 
6 hours ago by noiseguy
Went Outside 6: China! – Went Outside – Medium
Beijing is really encouraging tourism to the site of the world#s largest prison camp system. This is new! This is not normal.
china  xinjiang 
7 hours ago by yorksranter

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