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China's Booming Live Streaming Market Has Reached Its Zenith
- Huajiao. Long answer: emoji-like “gifts” from the viewers that can later be cashed in for money. And lots of it (cue hip-hop air horn).
What’s interesting is, Chinese viewers are less enamored by mindlessly goofy check out my six pack vids (*cough* Logan Paul), and more interested in watching the mundanities of their favorite influencer’s everyday life -- i.e. singing in the shower, driving, and… slurping soup?
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NetEase - Wikipedia
NetEase's URL is This is confusing to many non-Chinese because there seems to be no logical connection between the firm and its URL. While the URL might seem to be a case of Chinese numerology, it is not. Rather, the URL exists because of recent Chinese history: before the availability of broadband internet, users had to dial 163 to get online.[17] Therefore, early internet users recognized the numbers as implying a way to access the internet.
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China Cracks Down on Public Discussion of Activist's Subversion Trial
"China's internet censors have shut down a human rights chat group on the popular social media platform QQ after users discussed the recent subversion trial in China of a Taiwan political activist, moderators told RFA on Monday.

A QQ chat group was shut down by authorities after it discussed the trial of Taiwan NGO worker and democracy activist Lee Ming-cheh, who pleaded guilty to subversion charges at his trial last week, organizer and rights activist Xu Qin told RFA.

Lee, the first foreign national to be held under new laws governing NGO activity in China, stood trial on Sept. 11 alongside Chinese national Peng Yuhua at the Intermediate People's Court in Hunan's Yueyang city, where he 'confessed' to charges of 'incitement to subvert state power.'" - Radio Free Asia
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How Baidu Will Win China’s AI Race—and, Maybe, the World’s | WIRED
How does the US market for voice technology compare to the Chinese market?

The home environment is very different. Because we’re talking about voice interactions. The acoustic environment, the pattern of noises, will be very different. Alexa, Echo, and Cortana are optimized for American homes. In my view, this only works in North America and maybe a portion of Europe. Essentially, the assumption is that you have spacious homes; you have several rooms. In China, that’s not the case at all. For our target, even for the young generation with high incomes, typically they have 60 square meters [645 square feet], sometimes 90 square meters [970 square feet].

We have better opportunities to globalize DuerOS, because guess what? A home in Japan, a home in India, or a home in Brazil, is a lot closer to a home in China than a home in North America.
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yesterday by madamim
New Line-1 is a new smallsat launcher, 100kg to SSO, looks a whole lot like Falcon-9 down to the grid fins and fishbone landing legs on the first stage. $4.6mil for expendable at 200Kg payload, half price (payload weight?) for reusable launch.
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