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The rise of China as a digital totalitarian state
State control over the internet has grown ever stricter in China since President Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, in attempts to stifle the "millions of Chinese grassroots voices, public opinion leaders and an insurgent community of circumvention practitioners who constantly push to expand the free flow of information in Chinese society," down writes Xiao Qiang in an opinion piece for the Washington Post. "Digital activism has been and remains a vital driver of change in Chinese society. So yes, we are witnessing China rise as a digital totalitarian state. But it may be the case that eventually resistance and critical thinking will become stronger than compliance and acceptance. And if that happens, the government’s repressive efforts on social media will be unsustainable."
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3 hours ago by dmcdev
A Chinese Company Has Conquered a Piece of America - Bloomberg
Eight casino executives and analysts interviewed for this story, all with extensive experience of the Asian gaming trade, said they saw no way such volumes could be generated legitimately. Asked if there could be a benign explanation for such instantaneous success at a casino more than three hours’ flight from any major city, on a drowsy island where the best hotel is a 1970s-era Hyatt, one of the executives burst out laughing.
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Americans Are Receiving Unordered Parcels From Chinese E-Criminals -- And Can't Do Anything To Stop Them
Chinese agents shipping ridiculous amounts of hair ties to McGeehan is merely an unscrupulous way for them to fraudulently boost sales and obtain positive feedback for their clients' products on e-commerce sites.
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8 hours ago by whip_lash
No.4 Pingyuanli to No.4 Tianqiaobeili
Ma Qiusha
No.4  Pingyuanli  to  Tianqiaobeili  Ma  Qiusha  Art  Video  China 
10 hours ago by Menocchio
China's Dystopian Tech Could Be Contagious - The Atlantic
The PRC’s “social credit” scheme might have consequences for life in cities everywhere.
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12 hours ago by tiredoldfellow
China’s cutthroat smartphone market is coming down to a handful of major brands • South China Morning Post
Li Tao:
<p>“The top-20 smartphone brands control 93 per cent of the market,” said Counterpart research director Neil Shah. “That means 180 other brands are competing for just the remaining seven per cent share, which means we could see a potential exit for some of these firms this year.”

He said the slowdown [in smartphone sales, which went into reverse in Q4 17] in China “has caused serious pain for tier-2 and tier-3 smartphone brands, such as Gionee, Coolpad and LeEco, which largely depend on domestic sales”. A further slowdown this year would make it more difficult for these companies to compete in terms of scale in component supply deals for production and in marketing, he said.

With fewer marketing resources at their disposal, small Chinese smartphone companies will be absent at this year’s edition of Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, from 26 February to 1 March.

This year’s absentees include Meizu, Gionee and Coolpad, which took part the past three years, and LeEco, which was at the event in 2015 and 2016.</p>

Meizu insists it's profitable, but I think the others face a cold winter.
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13 hours ago by charlesarthur
Chinese Security Allegedly Wrestled With Secret Service, John Kelly Over Trump's Nuclear Football
Crucially, no one from the Chinese side of the alleged scuffle made physical contact with the football.
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