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Messaging Apps, Bots, AI & Music: A New Frontier of Fan Engagement - Midem 2017 - YouTube
From the rise of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat & Line to artist marketing with stickers and chatbots, messaging apps have now surpassed social networks in monthly active user numbers and are where young smartphone owners are spending a great deal of their mobile screen-time with higher retent via Pocket
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Projecting Trends: How Chatbots and Blockchain Will Converge to Shape the Future of Music – Synchblog by Synchtank
I want to make this Projecting Trends instalment more personal, since it’s the last regular edition in the series. I’d like to talk about the convergence of two important trends: chatbots and blockchain. via Pocket
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The Promise and Peril Chatbots Pose for the Legal Industry | ABA Law Practice Today
At least three pillars define the scope of legal work: legal documents, legal advice and court advocacy. Chatbots promise to automate the first two. It is this difference in kind, not degree, from prior disruptors, such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer, that makes chatbots a unique opportunity and danger to the legal profession. Already, we read innovation success stories, such as Visabot, which offers tourist visa extensions, artist visas, H1b visas and help with DACA, works kind of like TurboTax and has processed over 50,000 visa applications since the end of 2016. Yes, over 50,000 applications in less than six months.

Certainly, chatbots are early in development and raise practical and ethical concerns. Common objections to chatbots are that they are not yet truly “intelligent,” do not pass the Turing test, are artificial intelligence based on good old-fashioned rules-based systems (not machine learning), have been done before by expert systems in the 70s and 80s, and are generally not perfect. (I call this last one the panacea objection because it has as its premise that if a technology does not provide a perfect solution, it is not worthwhile.)

The response to all of these objections is that they are all correct. The current incarnation of artificial intelligence employed in chatbots is rules-based, it would not pass the Turing test, and it is not perfect. But these objections miss the point. Chatbots do not have to be intelligent (in the Turing test sense of the word) to be effective. They can be programmed once with legal domain expertise to provide a service, and can thereafter scale to assist hundreds or millions of legal consumers by means of a smartphone.

Legal objections to chatbots raise the risks of waiver of attorney-client privilege, the unlicensed practice of law, conflict of interest, and more. These are all legitimate objections that need to be addressed, but none of them are show stoppers. For example, confidentiality issues can be avoided by defining the service as a non-attorney service. But, I believe we lawyers should be careful not to get trapped in microanalysis and lose the forest for the trees. I understand it’s a natural reaction for lawyers; we’re trained to issue spot. But we cannot and should not let the perfect become the enemy of the good.
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5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Building a Chatbot by via
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Grosse expertise de sur les !
+ technos internes
Merci pour cette prez ++enrichissante…
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