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Fleep - A messenger for all your teams and projects
Meet Fleep
The next generation messenger built for ultimate project collaboration: chat, lightweight Tasks and integrations with the tools you use.
Easily create conversations with your teams - be it your internal team, your project team that includes external partners, or any group of people, really.
Include anyone in the conversation with their email address - if they are not a Fleep user yet, they will receive all messages as normal emails.

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Ultimate team communication
Unlike other team messengers, Fleep is an open network. This means that users can communicate with any other Fleep user. Users can also belong to one or several teams that have participants from within and outside their organization, enabling ultimate project collaboration.

Email compatibility
Fleep is the only messenger that works in perfect synergy with email. Add anyone to a Fleep team or conversation with their email address - and they will receive all messages as normal emails until they sign up to Fleep.

Take it with you
Fleep is multi-platform! You can use it on a PC or Mac, Android or iPhone. All you need is an internet connection. Your files and messages are stored securely in the cloud, accessible from any device you log in from.
app  chat  collaboration 
yesterday by dicewitch
Typetalk API Overview
Build and integrate apps with Typetalk--team chat app, using Nulab APIs and get support from our developer community.
bots  iot  chat  api  service 
3 days ago by michaelfox
Discord - Free Voice and Text Chat for Gamers
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app.
Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps,
and more. Get your free server now!
chat  discord 
3 days ago by deadman36g
Errbot — Err 5.0.1 documentation
A Python chatbot with a rich and friendly API and an emphasis on developer productivity
errbot  python  chatops  chat  development  framework 
3 days ago by tima
Quip Tour
Quip changes the way teams work together. Real work gets done, faster, smarter.
collaboration  documents  spreadsheets  chat  business  online 
4 days ago by kger
Protocol plugin for Office 365/Lync/OCS download |
The version that ships with Adium didn't seem to work with the work SIP server. This did, email, network login (no domain part), password, and everything else set to auto.
sip  lync  adium  pidgin  chat  plugin  solution 
5 days ago by kme
Realtime Chat With Express and Faye (Bayeux Protocol) - Chronicles of My Whims
This is just an abridged version of the official Faye docs. No original thoughts.
faye  websocket  chat  nodejs 
5 days ago by Peter_Antigen

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