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GitHub - RocketChat/Rocket.Chat
Have your own Slack like online chat, built with Meteor.
chat  slack 
yesterday by raygrasso
Flowdock: Group chat for teams. Integrates with GitHub, Jira, Trello.
CA Flowdock brings all of your conversations, work items and tools into one place. Prioritize work, solve problems, search and organize across teams, locations and timezones.
business  chat  collaboration  productivity  software 
2 days ago by dagh
Sandstorm is a self-hostable
web productivity suite.
hosting  chat  apps  file-sharing  server 
2 days ago by akalt
No Hello
one simple point: don't start a chat with "hello"
chat  communication 
2 days ago by SeanDonna
Digital Natives – Romane in Chat-Form sind der Renner | SRF Kultur
Jugendliche lesen nicht mehr? Von wegen: Mit Apps wie «Chat Fiction» finden auch die Digital Natives zum Roman.
Literatur  App  Digital_Natives  Smartphone  Chat  SRF_Kultur 
4 days ago by Medienwoche

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