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Bettergram - Improved Telegram Client for Crypto
An improved Telegram client with 50 pins, favorites, chat tabs, and cryptocurrency prices built by the founder of Live Coin Watch
telegram  Software  Chat 
5 hours ago by mortonfox
spectrum/src/components at alpha · withspectrum/spectrum
large react codebase. github just bought this company.
reactjs  chat  spectrum  github 
4 days ago by dotjosh
Birdey vs Podium
BirdEye and Podium both help businesses get new reviews and chat with customers.
survey-software  review-software  chat 
4 days ago by michaelhartzell
GitHub - schollz/snaptext: A simple webapp to send and receive self-destructing messages in real-time.
A simple webapp to send and receive self-destructing messages in real-time. :envelope: :zap: - schollz/snaptext
notifications  golang  tools  chat  messaging  webdev 
5 days ago by trevormeier

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