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Visual Display of Quantitative Information
20 Tufteisms from The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

1.Graphical excellence is the well-designed presentation of interesting data – a matter of substance, of statistics, and of design...
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2 days ago by .paul
charts - Command-line Unix ASCII-based charting / plotting tool - Stack Overflow
# data.txt is newline-separated
cat data.txt | eplot -M -x 'ChartFooTitle' -d 2>/dev/null
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3 days ago by dza
Mobile is driving most ad spending growth worldwide - Recode
By 2019, advertisers will spend more on mobile than all traditional media, except television, put together.
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6 days ago by jorgebarba
After the flood | Projects | AtF Spark
Data Visualisation, Product Design, Service Design, Information Design
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6 days ago by e2b
AtF Spark
Sparkline font from After the floood
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6 days ago by mycotn

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