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RT : At City Council, Heaphy has the audacity to say that A12 could have been worse, and that indicates…
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8 days ago by kitoconnell
Charlottesville review: Faulty planning, passive police led to 'disastrous results' at Aug. 12 rally | Virginia |
A police officer radioed for help as angry protesters swarmed around her: “They are pushing the crowd my way and I have nobody here to help me.”
10 days ago by Jswindle
Sam Dickson’s Statement To Charlottesville Inquiry: “The Police Were Acting Under Orders. WHO GAVE THOSE ORDERS?” | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform
The police allowed people engaged in criminal behavior to go about wearing masks. They watched these masked thugs teargas other people. They made no visible effort to apprehend the Antifa who threw the smoke bomb.

We finally made it back to the parking lot where people got in their cars and dispersed.

By about noon everyone had left.

Two hours later the traffic incident occurred which led to the death of Heather Heyer.
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12 days ago by Jswindle
On the Intolerant Left
I must wonder why so much of major media has reacted with shock to this rally—a fact about which nobody of color is that surprised. And moreso, why have so many people gone off about the ills of racism, a truism at this point, instead of looking at the underlying narratives where race is part of a far greater problem where those oppressed are collectively oppressed by the capitalist system which conveniently exploits both the “Nazis” in Charlottesville and the many immigrants they would like to see gone. Is it not time that we move beyond the demonstration of our wounds and begin to listen to each other in order to create dialogue, and not recite a mouthed soliloquy for the sake of a one-off PR stunt. We can continue to compile a “who is victimized worse” or we can stop the rhetorical blackmail and begin to engage in actual discussion with the “enemy”.

This sort of exchange is very reminiscent of the types of hyperbole that erupted when Blood Diamond was released and suddenly every leftist in the west suddenly started dropping conversational tidbits about how their diamonds were the ethical sort of diamonds, “not blood diamonds.” Very little discussion took place around the issue of survival that these miners face, the exploitative practices across the board of capitalism and how the underlying practices went far beyond mining community in Sierra Leone, Angola, and the Ivory Coast or diamond traders in Surat, India. The root problem is fundamentally that of the inequalities that capitalism and war breed.

August’s events reveal how close the alt-right and alt-left really are when both scapegoat the other for the ills of the country when neither group is capable of seeing how capitalism and commodity fetishism is what is destroying a society which would otherwise engage these two groups in, at the very least, healthy debate. One must wonder if the media is not part of a larger political machinery that diverts everyone’s attention from the ills of capitalism as everyone navel gazes, wondering why nobody sees their pain. And we must begin to concede as leftists that we are just as guilty as the right in mass-marketing the clichés of pain and suffering as part of this larger incrimination of those with whom we disagree. It is as if the rhetoric precedes any guilty act of actual Nazism or racism.

One instance that comes to mind is Allison Stanger’s New York Times Op-Ed response to an attack she sustained at Middlebury College earlier this year. Stanger notes that the fundamental problem of how the violence against her and guest speaker, Charles Murray, was formulated was that it preceded the actual event of Murray’s alleged “hate speech”. Not only did students, but even her own colleagues, had participated in the campus uproar over Charles Murray’s visit “without ever having read anything he has written.” Stanger underscores how students were buttressed in their misconceptions by fellow faculty members and she evaluates the massive contradictions between the information disseminated and the actual truth behind these misrepresentations:

Intelligent members of the Middlebury community — including some of my own students and advisees — concluded that Charles Murray was an anti-gay white nationalist from what they were hearing from one another, and what they read on the Southern Poverty Law Center website. Never mind that Dr. Murray supports same-sex marriage and is a member of the courageous “never Trump” wing of the Republican Party.

Students are in college in part to learn how to evaluate sources and follow up on ideas with their own research. The Southern Poverty Law Center incorrectly labels Dr. Murray a “white nationalist,” but if we have learned nothing in this election, it is that such claims must be fact-checked, analyzed and assessed. Faulty information became the catalyst for shutting off the free exchange of ideas at Middlebury. We must all be more rigorous in evaluating and investigating anger, or this pattern of miscommunication will continue on other college campuses.

To read both Stanger and Brett Weinstein’s accounts of being accused of bigotry, racism, and white nationalism hits a chord with me for various reasons. First, as someone who has spent years teaching university students how to approach texts with an open mind and who has encouraged dialogue in the classroom, I am more than aware that most of these debates are happening in real life and online between individuals who have, for the most part, not even taken the time or effort read the very material they are opposing. A quick reference to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s brandishing X person as guilty of “hate speech” has become this cudgel that people use in shouting down their opponent, regardless of how inaccurate the information on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s actually website is. One must question, why the rush to denigrate an individual reaching for the one-off insult without being equipped with facts to substantiate this claim. One can claim offense as obviously racism and Nazism are offensive discourses. But when someone wishes to lay claim to this moniker for another, you sort of do need to bring proof to the table to justify such an elaborate title.

Secondly, as someone who is active online, I am all too aware as to how the policing of ideas functions both from the business end of the Internet where digital marketing techniques command much of the content provided online all the way through the social communities formed around this content which more often than not become echo chambers of political discourse. It is particularly the latter which interests me here: how social forces have been constructed online to amass communities that set out to police their own, calling out any wrong move, turn, or thought. But isn’t how we grow as thinkers, as humans, through this engagement with others’ thoughts so that we might debate our thoughts, develop insights, listen to different strategies, and so forth?

Recently, I was called a “white supremacist” because in a discussion over the Identitarian movement and the Several anarchist types were ranting about Laura Southern being a “white supremacist” and I pointed to the many critiques by leftists in Italy and by the UN itself regarding the problematic situation of NGOs which are unwittingly aiding human traffickers, all of course couched as “rescue missions”. And while the division in Italy’s Democratic Party over this issue is quite fierce with the likes of Gad Lerner, longtime Democratic Party member and journalist, to leave the party over the problems of how the left is approaching the subject of immigrants from North Africa being transported to Italy. At the other end of the spectrum is Matteo Renzi who is worried about the continuing influx of immigrants to Italy.

What amazes me about this particular debate is that “white supremacy” is not even a subtext for Italians, nor is Italian nationalism. It’s not for the Italians on the left who fight for the NGOs to continue to bring immigrants from the coast of Africa to Italy, not for those Italians of the left who critique these missions. Nor is “white supremacy” the ethos behind the alleged Alt-Right group, Defend Europe, which even if I might not agree with any of its arguments, still raises critical questions about why NGOs are sending boats primarily on missions to pick up migrants who have just left the North African coast by12 nautical miles.

Goodness forbid, however, that anyone speak outside of the strict Manichaean terms of good versus evil. I quickly found in my online foray to have a dialogue with this specific group of (ahem) “Marxists”, that any issues raised which fell outside of “socially aware and just lefty dude” angry Anarchist rhetoric left only on the other position to be held. Or, as I was told: “You piece of shit racist pig–why don’t you drop dead?” Certainly if the Italian Democratic Party can manage discussions that touch upon the nuance of underlying issues—housing and fiscal support for these immigrants, lack of jobs for those already in Italy, and the reality of economic effects of immigration in Italy today, why can’t a bro-dude in his pajamas in Brooklyn, NY?

It is troubling today that in the spaces that one would most expect tolerance for diverse points of views (ie. within academic circles), that these are the very spaces where difference of opinion is least tolerated. Nuanced ideas on many social and political issues today are being more competently undertaken by journalists, than seasoned academics. For instance, I find the situation of the fight against NGO’s boats in Italy this past summer very closely mirrors the ethos behind Brexit. As Mike Carter’s Guardian article reveals, immigration was the pretext for Brexit with the symptoms being poverty, ill-health, joblessness, and hopelessness. The reasons behind Brexit has been firmly laid at the government’s ill-handling of the economy since Thatcher and there is no evidence to show any differently even today.

There are even arguments to make about mainstream media’s hyperbolic coverage on the “immigrant crisis”, which has created widespread panic in many European countries which are the first port of call for migrants. Such reporting has also helped to incite xenophobia while conveniently assisting to raise funds/donations for many UN agencies and NGOs. When you start to study the numbers of immigrants coming to Europe, at least according to Patrick Taran of Global Migration Policy Associates (GMPA), you see that the numbers are not any higher today than throughout recent history:

The narrative…thrown around is that by 2015 1m immigrants will be coming into Italy with 4,8m immigrants entering a EU country of which 800,000 to 1m would be 20% of the total (those coming in irregular circumstances), but not unprecedented from 1989 1990 collapse of USSR and not … [more]
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Here in about 10 alt right came for Cantwell's hearing. They parked in a church lot. All of their…
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RT : Oh look the nazi who organized the deadly demonstration in got verified by Twitter. Thanks --…
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Worthy of mention:

city council just got 2x as black as it's ever been, and the black woman who w…
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RT : Oh look the nazi who organized the deadly demonstration in got verified by Twitter. Thanks --…
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Don’t equate the political sins of Gillespie and Northam | The Cavalier Daily
.@cavalierdaily’s editorial board: the @DailyProgress editorial board is “extraordinarily dishonest.” 🙌
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6 weeks ago by maxfenton
Oratorio Society of Virginia: Christmas at The Paramount
Also, if you’re looking for good Charlottesville Christmas music, come hear us sing that second one in December:
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Reports of law enforcement contacting antifascists who were at August rally v
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RT : round 2? 'White Lives Matter' rally scheduled for Saturday in Tennessee
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Statement on the DSA Funds for Victims of Terrorism in Charlottesville
"It has been over two months since the events in and none of the funds raised have been paid out."
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