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Inspiring Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Everyone
Celebrity short hairstyles are worth to try ! Some thought short natural hair is O.K. but some also thought that <a class="read-more" href="http://www.rkomedia.net/inspiring-celebrity-short-hairstyles-for-everyone/" title="Inspiring Celebrity Short Hairstyles for Everyone" itemprop="url">Read More</a>
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6 days ago by buduri
Try Pretty Female Celebrity Haircut Young and Attractive
With regards to big name style, there is a great deal out there. We have deliberately chosen these some remarkable <a class="read-more" href="http://www.rkomedia.net/female-celebrity-haircut/" title="Try Pretty Female Celebrity Haircut Young and Attractive" itemprop="url">Read More</a>
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The Fierce, Youthful Celebrity Short Hairstyles
Celebrity short hairstyles are the guidance for you who want to cut your hair in short style. Yes, in a <a class="read-more" href="http://www.rkomedia.net/the-fierce-youthful-celebrity-short-hairstyles/" title="The Fierce, Youthful Celebrity Short Hairstyles" itemprop="url">Read More</a>
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Get The Look of Celebrity Hair Color!
Celebrity hair color is always attractive to imitate. As they are the stars, they will also influence people, especially their <a class="read-more" href="http://www.rkomedia.net/get-the-look-of-celebrity-hair-color/" title="Get The Look of Celebrity Hair Color!" itemprop="url">Read More</a>
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14 days ago by buduri
Scenes from the Oscar-Night Implosion
"Around midnight, I got to the Vanity Fair party, hosted by Graydon Carter. Some 'Moonlight' people were just arriving, including the actor André Holland and the writer Tarell Alvin McCraney, dressed in a smashing white tux. McCraney put his Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar on a table and walked through the metal detector. Inside, there were more famous people than not-famous people: Justin Timberlake, Sarah Paulson, Jon Hamm, Martin Short. Adrien Brody and Rufus Wainwright were on the dance floor. People from In-N-Out were handing out burgers. Faye Dunaway—either the Jackie Kennedy or the Lee Harvey Oswald of the situation, depending on your interpretation—had been by the bar, where one reporter had overheard her saying, 'I really fucked *that* up.'"
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21 days ago by bankbryan
Consider Black Celebrity Haircut For Your Hairstyle
Black celebrity haircuts are continually evolving. It was difficult to choose recently which extraordinary dark male superstar hairdos to highlight here. The folks on this rundown are dependably on the bleeding edge of style and wouldn’t fret pushing the limits. Collaborated with an awesome hair stylist you also can get the look of your most […]
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Consider Black Celebrity Haircut for Your Hairstyle
Black celebrity haircuts are continually evolving. It was difficult to choose recently which extraordinary dark male superstar hairdos to highlight […]
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23 days ago by buduri
On the Oscars Red Carpet, Keep an Eye Out for Boob Contouring | Slate 022417
Heather Schwedel: This Hollywood awards season has been marked by the twin phenomena of La La Land’s Cinderella story—and tata land’s special glow. No, it’s not just your imagination that actresses’ chests have looked especially perky and highlighted lately. At the biggest red carpet of the year this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of boob contouring.
If you thought contouring, the makeup mode favored by the Kardashians to add definition to bone structure via shadows and highlights, was just for faces, think again. Celebrities can and do apply makeup all over their bodies, from a streak down their shin bones for a little shimmer to, yep, some shadows on their breasts to add volume and depth. Welcome to beauty in an age of high-def.
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25 days ago by fulab
Harry and Sidney: Soul Brothers - The New York Times
Charles M. Blow FEB. 20, 2017

Belafonte and Poitier demonstrated over a lifetime how celebrities could embody activism as well as the quiet power of dignity and grace.

King once said of Poitier: “He is a man of great depth, a man of great social concern, a man who is dedicated to human rights and freedom. Here is a man who, in the words we so often hear now, is a soul brother.”

In fact, I think that is what Poitier and Belafonte found in each other: a soul brother. Happy birthday, gentlemen.
Charles_Blow  trailblazers  civil_rights  celebrities  actors  African-Americans  friendships  Caribbean  '60s  iconic 
4 weeks ago by jerryking
CBC radio personality and Vinyl Cafe host Stuart McLean dead at 68 - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail (includes correction)
Published Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017
CBC  celebrities  obituaries  Canadiana  storytelling  iconic  cultural_touchpoints 
4 weeks ago by jerryking
The Mount Rushmore of Hollywood Action Stars
“Keanu is a glimpse of the best things in life and a prism to a plane beyond. He is the wind. He brings light, and life. At his best, no one is better, only equal. Amen.”
celebrities  movies 
5 weeks ago by leereamsnyder
5 More Insane Celebrity Backstories You've Never Heard | Cracked.com
#5. Frida From ABBA Was The Product Of A Nazi Breeding Program

Hitler and the Nazis thought that white people were pretty cool. So when they invaded Norway in 1940, they were stoked to find so dang many of them. Hitler ordered his army to bone as many Norwegian women as possible in order to create more Aryan children, a policy that was celebrated among the German occupation, but not so much among the Norwegians. One of the babies born from this terrible eugenic union was Anni-Frid Lyngstad. You might know her as "Frida" -- one of the four members of ABBA, the second most popular music group in history, behind The Beatles.
abba  celebrities 
6 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
How Restaurants Prepare for VIPs
"Kachka keeps dossiers on its regulars. 'We try to recognize the details with everyone who comes in as much as we can,' Morales says. In some cases these are obvious things like dietary preferences or whether or not someone drinks alcohol. Other times, Kachka has noted that a guest is left handed and might organize the silverware differently on the table. 'Our VIPs have less to do with whether they’re known in the public sphere or not,' Morales says. 'It’s that we recognize them as having been here before and know the things that they’ll notice.' If this is done well, guests are left with the feeling that they are both important and memorable. It’s important to not be so eerily specific that guests wonder whether there’s a physical memorial of what they’ve ordered during their other visits (although, usually, there is). Kachka describes its receipt collection as looking like 'one of those murder detective maps of the city with pinpoints all over the wall.'"
a:Tove-Danovich  p:Eater★★  d:2017.01.26  w:1500  restaurants  celebrities  process  from instapaper
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