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What is life really like in border country, where Trump wants his wall? | US news | The Guardian
Reporting from several places along the border, what life is like and the impact of the crackdown on people
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Things Are Getting Crazy on the Colorado River - Voice of San Diego
was told a couple of years ago that the nevada water table was irretrievably low. this is what that looks like.

my untutored view then was that given current consumption levels the western seaboard would become uninhabitable.
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Climate change is making California's fires bigger
“We've been lengthening fire season by shortening the precipitation season, and we're warming throughout,” says Swain. “That's essentially what’s enabled these recent fires to be so destructive, at times of the year when you wouldn't really expect them.”

The total number of wildfires in California hasn’t increased; in fact the numbers were a lot higher in the 1980s and 1990s than in the past decade. The total acreage burned fluctuates considerably from year to year, depending on many factors, including luck: Rain dampens things down early, or fires start in places where they are easier to contain.

Over the past century, California has warmed by about three degrees Fahrenheit. That extra-warmed air sucks water out of plants and soils, leaving the trees, shrubs, and rolling grasslands of the state dry and primed to burn.

That vegetation-drying effect compounds with every degree of warming, explains Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, meaning that plants lose their water more efficiently today than they did before climate change ratcheted up California's temperatures.
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