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Woolsey Fire and the Santa Susana Field Laboratory
We’ve received quite a few inquiries over the past several days regarding the potential consequences of the Woolsey Fire in Southern California, which has burned through part of the Santa Susana Fi…
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yesterday by bradbarrish
Paradise Town Council meets, shattered by fire’s devastation but doing its duty -
Chico City Hall, where a white sticker was smoothed onto a first-floor office door that read: “Paradise Town Hall.”
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yesterday by jomc
Single-Family Home Zoning vs. 'Generation Priced Out’ - CityLab
"But according to Shaw, not enough attention is being paid to the wealthier, usually single family home neighborhoods that have effectively walled themselves off from all new housing construction, creating a sort of spatial class privilege that is rampant in America’s most progressive cities. “These high-opportunity neighborhoods must serve more economically diverse residents,” he said in a recent interview in CityLab. “[C]ities that claim to promote inclusion cannot just relegate the non-rich to economically segregated parts of town.”"

"The other tactic frequently employed by homeowners—saving “neighborhood character”’—is often a means to the same end. “Character” must be understood as not only visual, but also demographic. In cities like San Francisco, preserving the status quo for a single-family-home neighborhood often “means maintaining it as a neighborhood where future residents must be rich,” Shaw writes. Another critique levied by those who do not want their neighborhoods to change is that new housing construction in expensive urban markets is inevitably luxury housing. But this argument falls flat when nearly all existing homes are already luxury housing: According to a recent Trulia study, a staggering 81 percent of homes in the San Francisco metro and 70 percent of homes in the San Jose metro are worth more than $1 million. Conveniently, single-family-home zoning also functionally prevents the construction of nonprofit affordable housing, or the below-market-rate units that are generated by inclusionary zoning."

"And so are land use regulations, which responded to citizen outcry in the ‘60s and ‘70s by downzoning many neighborhoods, which prevents new apartment buildings (but permits modest single-family homes to be converted to McMansions). Today, 42 percent of Portland, 57 percent of Seattle, and 78 percent of Los Angeles are zoned exclusively for single-family homes."

"To bolster this progressive stance, upzoning should always be accompanied by inclusionary zoning. But a more radical approach, and one that would really give coastal liberals pause, would to be to upzone only neighborhoods above a certain median income threshold, or those that have historically excluded people of color. Upzoning these areas to allow more mixed-use, mixed-income development “opens up middle-class housing opportunities in these otherwise off-limits communities without any risk of displacing low-income residents,” Shaw writes. Good luck arguing against that, my silver-haired comrades."
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yesterday by pacpost
The California Fires and the Threat of Climate Change
"To make things worse, each of these wildfires do further damage to the climate system, since trees store carbon in much the same way that coal does, and release it, as carbon dioxide, when they burn. In fact, already, in a state like California, taking aggressive action on fuel-efficiency standards and other climate initiatives, a single major fire can wipe out all of the climate progress made that year through environmental regulations. In that way, among others, climate change is already making a mockery of meliorist, small-bore response."
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2 days ago by pacpost
Extreme Fire Season in California: A Glimpse Into the Future?: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society: Vol 96, No 12
Yoon et al 2015: The fire season in northern California during 2014 was the second largest in terms of burned areas since
1996. An increase in fire risk in California is attributable to human-induced climate change.
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2 days ago by huntercutting
2017 was California’s largest and most destructive fire season in a decade - Washington Post
Nice data illustration (showing boundaries of various fires next to outline of DC) at the top, and a nicely-executed "see the boundaries of the Thomas fire over your hometown" interactive
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2 days ago by alykat

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