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Displaying CSS Breakpoint Information with Generated Content
What I found was that, since I was setting breakpoints in ems instead of pixels, the responsive testing view in browsers didn’t really help, because I can’t maintain realtime mapping in my head from the current pixel value to however many rems it equals.  Since I don’t think the browser has a simple display of that information, I decided I’d do it myself.
fridayfrontend  css  mediaqueries  ems  rem 
1 hour ago by spaceninja
The Ultimate Website Code Generator
The ultimate web code generator. Generate HTML5, CSS3, Microdata, JSON-LD, Twitter Cards, Open Graph and more!
tools  generator  css  html  snippets  webdev 
1 hour ago by jobbies
maxchehab/CSS-Keylogging: Chrome extension and Express server that exploits keylogging abilities of CSS.
CSS-Keylogging - Chrome extension and Express server that exploits keylogging abilities of CSS.
css  keylogger 
4 hours ago by nharbour
Specifics on CSS Specificity | CSS-Tricks

The best way to explain it is to start with an example of where specificity gets confusing and perhaps doesn't behave like you would expect. Then we'll take a closer look at how to calculate the actual specificity value to determine which selector takes precedence.
css  reference  frontend  webdev  development  article 
4 hours ago by davidgasperoni

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