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Bootstrap Magic : Generate your own Bootstrap themes quickly and easily
Bootstrap themes generator help you customize your Bootstrap 4.0 theme in minutes. Design your own bootstrap themes, like it ? Download less or css on the go.
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yesterday by jppferguson
Hassle-free Full Bleed with *:not() - daverupert.com
Breaking out of container DIVs with this one weird trick. Includes an interesting blog post layout demo.
CSS  web_design 
yesterday by decembr14
CSS Weekly — Weekly e-mail roundup of latest CSS articles, tutorials, tools and experiments
Weekly e-mail roundup of latest css articles, tutorials, tools and experiments.
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yesterday by maryisbusy
Flexbox and Grids, your layout’s best friends
If you need to lay your content in one dimension, no matter if it’s horizontal (x-axis) or vertical (y-axis) and you want your layout to respond to the element’s content, then flexbox is what you’re looking for.

If you need to display your content both on the x-axis and y-axis that means you have… A grid!

Once you create your grid, it’s time to add content to the cells. Whether you wish to add images, text, or both, the best way of arranging them in the right place is by using Flexbox.

One fr equals a fraction of the available space in the grid container.
flexbox  css  grid  webdev 
yesterday by jacklittleton
CSS Layout News
A weekly collection of tutorials, news and information on all things CSS Layout.
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yesterday by maryisbusy

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