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An email marketing case study (for books) — Lounge Marketing
My tips to  publishers:
- Divert some of your marketing people resource and budgets away from your campaigns and into a proper email marketing strategy (mid to long-term you'll sell more books, have a reliable sales channel, sell more backlist etc etc). 
- Stop sending imprint newsletters - nobody cares & they don't work (Sorry). Extremely inefficient use of your imprint marketing teams. Instead, pool your email list and send newsletters to genre segments instead. AND encourage your authors to set up their own newsletters or run them for your brand authors (properly). YOUR AUTHORS ARE YOUR BRANDS, NOT YOUR IMPRINTS. (Note, the UPPER CASE).
- Include at least 2 (preferably 4 or 5) email capture opportunities during every single book marketing campaign. 'Enter your email to be the first to hear about blah blah', 'Enter for a chance to win tea with author X', 'Enter for a chance to win a VIP ticket to see author X at venue and meet her afterwards', 'We have 50 exclusive hardback copies of X, enter to win one', the list goes on.

- Use the ads in the back of your books to drive to email newsletter sign up (with an incentive). 

- Set up a deals email IMMEDIATELY (see if your authors will help encourage sign up from their readers). HarperCollins UK has a deals email called BookPerk which I launched in the UK, which works.
- Use some of these techniques to build your lists.
- If all else fails, employ me 3 days per month and I'll sort it out for you. (*winks*)
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IntelAgent – Service Excellence. - Bots maker raising on Seedrs
We power chatbots and voice assistants to turbocharge your customer service.
By applying AI to conversational data captured via messaging platforms, SMS, email, social and voice, we can automate answers, perform tasks, identify sales opportunities and profile your customers to drive efficiencies across your business.
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