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RT : 15 very useful for Small Business Entrepreneurs (SME's) for , Management, , , and……
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2 days ago by ormg
Freedcamp - Free Project Management
The entirely free way to collaborate more efficiently with groups of people.
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3 days ago by e2b
Jury’s Inn for the win – maybe surveys aren’t so terrible after all - by @jonerp
"Yeah, I still detest surveys. But Jury's Inn gave my skepticism a welcome jolt, leaving me to find another chip for my shoulder. Here's how they did it."
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6 days ago by jonerp
RT : 20% of all searches on Google have never been seen before.

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6 days ago by ormg
Rethinking ERP buyers, from cloud ERP to vendor selection – with Gabriel Gheorghiu - by @jonerp
"What better way to debate a new ERP buyer report than with the author itself? That's exactly what I did with a new SelectHub report written by analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu. There are several surprises we must consider."
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8 days ago by jonerp

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