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Microsoft soups up Dynamics 365 with AI and HoloLens add-ons
"Microsoft soups up its Dynamics 365 business applications with packaged AI for sales, service and marketing, plus HoloLens mixed reality apps"
crm  and  customer  experience  service  management  internet  of  things  machine  intelligence  ai 
6 hours ago by jonerp
Has GDPR changed marketing?
"GDPR is a wakeup call to marketing and beyond - and not just those with business ties to Europe. Barb Mosher Zinck muses on fresh data from the CMO Council and looks at where we go from here."
crm  and  customer  experience  data  privacy  digital  content  marketing  governing  identity  security  gdpr 
yesterday by jonerp
AI-Powered Sales Automation CRM | Spiro Technologies
Spiro is an AI-Powered CRM with intelligent sales automation features that learns your sales process to increase sales team effectiveness and deliver more accurate business insights.
crm  sales  software  ml  USA 
2 days ago by shalmaneser
How are retailers winning? Stats and reflections from
"I went to 2018 with the goal of finding out how retailers are winning - and what stands in the way. I found some surprises, as well as fresh data from IHL Group that takes the sensationalism out of storefront closings."
crm  and  customer  experience  e-commerce  retail  the  omni-channel 
5 days ago by jonerp
Four SMB views on why you need a fast-moving business system
"Agility, speed and a fast-moving business system are key to SMB success, according to four Zoho customers who spoke at an event in London this week"
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise  use  cases 
8 days ago by jonerp
Salesforce adds low-code tools so everyone can automate their CRM workflow
Probably the most important aspect of the new tools announced today is that they are based on the Lightning Design System, and so form part of the entire landscape of tools used to build Salesforce CRM applications. In earlier generations of the Salesforce platform, people often came up against what insiders used to call a ‘declarative cliff’, where they would come up against one small element that couldn’t be done via point-and-click, and then the whole process would have to be coded from scratch. Because the new tools are part of a single platform, the objects and process flows they create can be fine-tuned in Lightning App Builder, or handed over to a developer for more in-depth coding as required.
lowcode  crm 
10 days ago by davebriggs
The High Cost of Anxiety in Negotiations
"Given how many agreements Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and other top-tier suppliers negotiate every year, it is no wonder they get anxious when it comes time to hammer out the final details of contract documents and statements of work. From delivering excessive data points on irrelevant topics, to building massive complexity into pricing and licensing policies, to making every offer a “special offer,” these companies know how to lean on potential clients and existing customers."
contract  negotiations  crm  enterprise  agreements  erp  licensing  negotiation  leverage 
11 days ago by jonerp
What is the business value of ? Put simply, it's people + processes in:
- +
- Monitoring + maintenance…
cx  CRM  IoT  from twitter_favs
12 days ago by TomRaftery

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