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A primer on the CRM blockchain - by @denispombriant
"While blockchain started its life as an enabler for cryptocurrencies, attention is now turning towards its application in security for CRM. Think that's pie in the sky? Read on."
crm  and  customer  experience  productivity 
22 hours ago by jonerp
SuiteCRM -– CRM for the world -: How to get started Developing with SuiteCRM (1/1)
There is very little information out there on how to get started developing with SuiteCRM. This post aims to help point yo...
crm  opensource 
yesterday by Genohunter
SuiteCRM, the worlds best open source CRM - Demo page.
yesterday by Genohunter
Library of Congress Acquires Archive of Civil Rights Movement Photos
Bob Adelman's photos of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and other racial justice figures from the 1960s onward will now be part of the Library's collection.
source  louisiana  crm  photography  loc  LibraryOfCongress 
2 days ago by minorjive
#1 Free Collaboration Platform With CRM, Tasks, Projects, Documents, Messaging And Much More
crm  management  it  webapp  software 
2 days ago by tgourley
Open Source CRM Software - kostenlos, webbasiert, flexibel | 1CRM: Das CRM-System
1CRM System ist die Open Source CRM Software für Vertrieb, Marketing, Service, Rechnungswesen & Projektmanagement - jetzt kostenlos installieren!
opensource  crm 
4 days ago by tbweb
Choosing a CRM System For Your Business: The 7 Steps | CRM Switch
The path to selecting the right CRM system ideally begins with internal information gathering and then a series of logical steps should follow.
5 days ago by stacker

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