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Sweden's Dark Waters | Rixstep Learning Curve
he was openly flying off with a copy to Langley to meet with his friends in the CIA. Prime Minister Olof Palme uttered when he heard of this: 'that fucker Bildt'. Bildt, when he returned to Sweden from Langley, repeatedly took to the podium at parliament to denounce the Palme government for their 'soft stance' on the Soviet Union. To this day, when it's established that NATO and not Russia had submarines in Swedish waters, Bildt will still not 'man up'. And Sweden just entered into a 'host country agreement' with NATO, and the social democratic government, a far cry from social democratic governments of old, did not even dare ask for assurances that they'd not be hosting weapons of mass destruction on Swedish soil
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3 days ago by foliovision
New C.I.A. Deputy Director, Gina Haspel, Had Leading Role in Torture - The New York Times
I'm guessing Trump heard that she tortured people and that was good enough for him.
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5 days ago by Membranophonist
More sleep deprived than woke, trumps equal opportunities torture appointment for
CIA  from twitter
5 days ago by kexrex
RT : On new director Gina : In 2017 called on Germany's Public Prosecutor to issue arrest warra…
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5 days ago by gaelicWizard
CIA Agents Were In Iraq Before We Invaded and Knew It Was Gonna Be A Clusterf*#k
But while military textbooks attribute the campaign’s success to careful planning and coordination, an ability to improvise, superior personnel, air supremacy, and the deployment of overwhelming force, less commonly acknowledged is the role of a minuscule advance team made up of CIA special activities division forces and special forces operators, who spent nine full months in Iraq before the Tomahawks started flying, carefully preparing the battlespace. Meanwhile, they also got a preview of the U.S. military’s misguided view of the Iraqi Army, which would later lead to the undoing of so much good work.
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11 days ago by perich

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