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Managing Skype for Business Online Administrator Rights | Inside Skype for Business
Import-Module MsOnline

Function Enumerate_SfBAdminRole
            [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]

    $o365AdminRole = Get-MsolRole -RoleName $AdminRole
    $o365Admins = Get-MsolRoleMember -RoleObjectId $o365AdminRole.ObjectId

    Write-Host ""
    Write-Host $AdminRole
    Write-Host "———————————————————————"

    $o365Admins | Select-Object DisplayName, EmailAddress, IsLicensed, RoleMemberType

$cred = Get-Credential

Connect-MsolService -Credential $cred

Enumerate_SfBAdminRole -AdminRole "Company Administrator"

Enumerate_SfBAdminRole -AdminRole "User Account Administrator"

Enumerate_SfBAdminRole -AdminRole “Lync Service Administrator”

Enumerate_SfBAdminRole -AdminRole “Helpdesk Administrator”
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1 hour ago by jgear
How To Lead When You’re Not In Charge: Real Marketing Leadership
There are few things more butt-clenchingly aggravating than watching a great set of marketing recommendations decay in a stakeholder’s rubbish heap. It happens to me. A lot. So I ponder the problem. A lot. I figured it out:

We’re asked to lead, but we’re not in charge.

Stakeholders—internal or external— hire us to provide direction and leadership. They pay a premium for our knowledge. But the moment we enter the room, we’re powerless. We don’t control budget. We (usually) can’t fire or hire. So we get all brilliant and stuff. We deliver our genius.
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yesterday by 1luke2
Rams can use Eagles as blueprint to re-sign Sammy Watkins | Rams Wire
...Last offseason, the seemingly cap-strapped Eagles landed the top receiver on the market in Alshon Jeffery. They signed him to a one-year, $14 million deal, protecting themselves from disaster in the future.
At the time, Jeffery was a big question mark. He hadn’t posted a 1,000-yard season the previous two years and only played 21 games combined from 2015-16 due to injury. Although he had the look of a No. 1 receiver, there were concerns about whether he could become one.
The Bears opted not to franchise tag him for a second year, which would have paid him more than $15.7 million in 2017. That opened the door for the Eagles, who paid him $14 million for one season – less than he would have earned on the tag again.
Instead, he played 11 games before earning a four-year, $52 million extension from the Eagles. They saw enough to warrant a new deal for their No. 1 receiver, paying him $13 million per year.
That’s the blueprint the Rams should follow, should they choose not to tag Watkins. Both players were injury-prone, both players struggled in the two years prior, and both had the potential to become top-tier receivers...
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yesterday by rgl7194

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