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Deming's 14 Points: Total Quality Management Concepts | ASQ
Deming's 14 Points for Total Quality Management

1. Create constancy of purpose for improving products and services.
2. Adopt the new philosophy.
3. Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality.
4. End the practice of awarding business on price alone; instead, minimize total cost by working with a single supplier.
5. Improve constantly and forever every process for planning, production and service.
6. Institute training on the job.
7. Adopt and institute leadership.
8. Drive out fear.
9. Break down barriers between staff areas.
10. Eliminate slogans, exhortations and targets for the workforce.
11. Eliminate numerical quotas for the workforce and numerical goals for management.
12. Remove barriers that rob people of pride of workmanship, and eliminate the annual rating or merit system.
13. Institute a vigorous program of education and self-improvement for everyone.
14. Put everybody in the company to work accomplishing the transformation.

These total quality management concepts can be put into place by any organization to more effectively implement total quality management. As a total quality management philosophy, W. Edwards Deming’s work is foundational to TQM and its successor, quality management systems.
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46 minutes ago by hellsten
So How’s That Self-Publishing Thing Working Out For You?
Long post about Rachel Manija's self-publishing experiences. Really fascinating. Tons of discussion in comments.
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1 hour ago by littlerhymes
Running A Global Tech Startup From One Of The Most Isolated Cities In The World.
At Appbot we are proudly Australian. When people think of Australia, they generally think of Sydney or Melbourne on the East Coast. We are in Perth, Western Australia, one of the most isolated cities…
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1 hour ago by raygrasso
Capita awarded £500m MoD contract despite 'highest risk rating'
First major deal completed by government since collapse of Carillion condemned by unions
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2 hours ago by terry
I earn $950 an hour writing from my couch — here are my best tips for people who want to work for themselves
Très bon articles interview de Laura du site Talking Shrimp qui montre bien que pour devenir un free-lance à succès et donc un business owner en tant que coywriter à succès (ce que je veux faire), il faut :

- avoir de la personnalité (et la montrer dans tout ce qu'on fait)
- construire sa liste email et envoyer des emails régulièrement (qui sont bons)
- mettre en avant tous les témoignages qu'on peut avoir surtout les témoignages qui montrent des résultats clairs et précis, d'évolution (c'est pour ça que c'est aussi important que je fasse du bon boulot pour mes clients et que je leur demande ensuite un suivi pour voir si j'arrive vraiment à leur augmenter leurs ventes)
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2 hours ago by theorsi
Starter Story: Learn How Others Are Building Successful Businesses
Starter Story interviews successful e-commerce businesses and shares the stories behind their businesses. In each interview, we ask how they got started, how they grew, and how they run their business today.
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4 hours ago by ianweatherhogg

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