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Chelsea statement | News | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club
Saying that you'll wear black armbands and then not is pure Chelsea FC. Disrespectful classless excuse of a team. http://ift.tt/2qjunCP
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11 hours ago by rjp
The Poverty “State of Mind” – Whatever
⇒ “State of mind” as a predictive factor of economic mobility is, bluntly, anecdotal bullshit http://ift.tt/2rmxu1R
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yesterday by rjp
It’s not what you think – The First Ten Words by Rich Larson
"Cornell is speaking to us all one last time—Depression is insidious and tenacious. Depression can get to anybody." http://ift.tt/2rEDxeV
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3 days ago by rjp
Η γραβάτα και η θηλιά - του Θάνου Καμήλαλη
Η γραβάτα και η θηλιά - του Θάνου Καμήλαλη @ThePressProject http://bit.ly/2qOKT16
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3 days ago by serkef
The trillions in shocking cuts in Donald Trump's budget, explained - Vox
Just in case you had momentarily forgotten what rancid pustulant slop buckets of hate the Republican Party are. http://ift.tt/2qOOqwQ
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4 days ago by rjp
Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's thesis on homeland security
At this point, I think anything short of on-air murder isn't surprising from anyone in Trump's orbit. http://ift.tt/2q4I8pI
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5 days ago by rjp
Working as a woman can #suck
A depressing story of a man adopting a female coworker's name and seeing how much worse she was treated over email.
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5 days ago by johncoxon
cliffnotes/shorts - StarWarsReference
A timeline of canon Star Wars media from /r/StarWarsReference.
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5 days ago by johncoxon
How to Rebecca Loops (plus tech) - YouTube
Amazing what you can do with two phones and an iPad. Well, and some talent, obvs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6nhBYIBjHM
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5 days ago by rjp

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