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An Assessment of the Economic Impact of Brexit on the EU27 | Centre for European Policy Studies
For the EU 27, the losses were found to be virtually insignificant, and hardly noticeable in the aggregate. For the UK, however, the losses could be highly significant, with various estimates running up to ten times greater as a share of GDP. Impacts on some member states – in particular Ireland – and some sectors in the EU27 could be more pronounced than the average for the EU27.
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The INsurgents Power 250
A bit of fun and a bit very serious. The INsurgents Power 100 is a way of bringing together as many of the voices working to keep the UK in the EU.
The idea is - by way of a leaderboard - to create a list where people can follow the most articulate, incisive, informed debate (spoiler alert: we love experts here)- as well as the best of the humour.
Each week The INsurgents Power 100 recognises the most inspiring social media accounts so you can follow them, join the community and lea...
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George Osborne: Do Politicians Work For Us? Russell Brand The Trews (E417) - YouTube
westminister not woking for people. osborne shoving it in. Theresa May not acting to what she said infront of 10 taking up job PM for JAMs and left behind. duh.
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What Next tells us about shopkeepers' woes - BBC News
more online shopping, less high street (high street had to be profitably managed down). More spending on experience.
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