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The white working class is another form of identity politics
Focussing solely on the white working class in the wake of Brexit and Trump will not redress society’s problems; it will not even try to sort out poverty among white people. The fetishisation of the white working class helps reaffirm the racial hierarchy and stamp out forms of dissent voiced by people of colour, LGBTQ communities and other minorities. We should not pretend that it is anything else.
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'Hard' Brexit offers '£135bn annual boost' to economy - BBC News
RT : Trade is a two-way process. What about UK’s exports? Plus, for starters this wipes out NI agrifood - 10% of economy
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The Brexit Beartraps, #2: Could dropping out of the open skies agreement cancel your holiday?
Not so long ago, aviation was a very national sort of a business: many of the big airports were owned by nation states, and the airline industry was dominated by the state-backed national flag carriers (British Airways, Air France and so on). Since governments set airline regulations too, that meant those airlines were given all sorts of competitive advantages in their own country, and pretty much everyone faced barriers to entry in others.

The EU changed all that. Since 1994, the European Single Aviation Market has allowed free movement of people and cargo; established common rules over safety, security, the environment and so on; and ensured fair competition between European airlines. It also means that an AOC – an Air Operator Certificate, the bit of paper an airline needs to fly – from any European country would be enough to operate in all of them.
To monitor and enforce all these international agreements, you need an international court system. That’s the European Court of Justice, which ministers have repeatedly made clear that we’re leaving.

So: last March, when Davis was asked by a select committee whether the open skies system would persist, he replied: “One would presume that would not apply to us” – although he promised he’d fight for a successor, which is very reassuring. 
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It's really disappointing how purported intellectuals are unable to debate things without so…
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I agree! It's entirely appropriate that should be marked at the wrong time. Brexit: Because You're Not Inte…
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RT : distracts from the real business of good government- here's another shocking example
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Tory Brexit policy is chaotic. The fightback must begin at once | David Miliband | Opinion | The Guardian
Democracy did not end in June last year. It is essential MPs have a say on the future or the country may be driven off a cliff
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