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I am going make today's Tory panic attack really simple, as I'm sick of minute by minute commentary on May's horsesh*t: they don't have a deal. 1/
7/~ The EU clearly wants a long transitional deal, is bending over backwards to facilitate one, including telling the DUP porkies about how there will be "no border" in the Irish Sea... but May cannot deliver her party. That's where we stand at 22.15 14/10...ENDS
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EU Parliament tweeted this “What next?” video at 8.19 pm tonight, Sun 14 Oct:
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The Brexit fanatics go for broke. This is their chance of counter-revolution
The feeling among Scottish nationalists and Irish republicans, that a hard Brexit will make union with an England that no longer cares about how the nations of the UK voted ever less attractive, is once more a product of the right’s determination to inflict the most damaging Brexit imaginable on these islands. From a purely party interest, a no-deal Brexit, or one that cuts British business off from its largest market, will destroy the Tories’ unearned reputation for economic competence and further alienate the young and the professional middle classes whose votes the Conservative party will need one day.
David Davis, John Redwood and the older Brexit crew were against the social chapter from the moment of its inception. Meanwhile, Andrea Leadsom outbid them all when she dreamed of a future when there was “absolutely no regulation whatsoever — no minimum wage, no maternity or paternity rights, no unfair dismissal rights, no pension rights — for the smallest companies that are trying to get off the ground”.

Leaving the EU can make their dreams come true, as Davis came close to admitting in 2016 when he told a City audience that his “alternative strategy” was to compete with the EU by offering “lower tax, softer regulation and other strong business incentives”. It is not coincidental that so many of the loudest supporters of Brexit are against gay rights.
The greater dishonesty was that the EU referendum was never just about the EU. It was a howl of rage from Thatcherites, who cannot accept that their ideology failed, from the old against the young, and from all who could not make their peace with the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the environment science of the 1980s and the multiculturalism of the 2000s. Their leaders see the chance to abolish a modern world they neither like nor comprehend. Hence their fanaticism. Hence their determination to go for broke and tolerate no compromises.
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