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Was it wise to 'stir up' British nationalist feeling by voting , Mr Trimble?
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yesterday by colmanareilly
The Interpreter: The real story of France's election might be Fillon's big loss
Mr. Fillon was considered a long-shot candidate when he entered the Republican primary in 2016. But then he stole a page out of Marine Le Pen’s populist playbook

And he presented himself as a plain-spoken outsider from a rural background, someone who could stand up for ordinary people against the political elite who didn’t respect their values.

he provided the perfect target for Ms. Le Pen, who presented her party as a genuine alternative to the political establishment.

Mr. Trump’s outsider campaign was enough to win him the nomination, but did not truly unify him with his party. And now that he’s won, those divisions make it hard to govern.
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yesterday by asilvao
Electoral Commission urged to investigate Farage's Brexit campaign
Stephen Kinnock suggests Leave.EU may have broken the law by not declaring the role of a group used by Donald Trump
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2 days ago by LoboEstepario
EU set to ask Ukip group to repay almost £150,000 in 'misspent funds' | Politics | The Guardian
Favorite tweet:

EU set to ask #Ukip group to repay almost £150,000 in 'misspent funds'#Brexit #GE2017

— UKIP Nonsense - 48% (@UKIPNFKN) April 28, 2017
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2 days ago by antaldaniel
RT : All for One: Emboldened EU United Against U.K. Over
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2 days ago by antaldaniel
RT : another day in stating the bleeding obvious.
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2 days ago by beccabrown
RT : Pro- Boss of now wants Free Movement of People for EU Citizens because it might cost him staff…
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2 days ago by parsingphase
Brexit: Merkel: Mit London rasch über Finanzen verhandeln - Politik - Tagesspiegel
Ohne eine Klärung der Fragen zur Austrittsvereinbarung mit Großbritannien, inklusive der finanziellen Verpflichtungen, "macht es keinen Sinn, parallel schon über Details des zukünftigen Verhältnisses zu verhandeln" > but if there *were* one?
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2 days ago by yorksranter
I'm at this conference, and fear the comment of the VP of the Conseil d'Etat is true
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2 days ago by adamamyl
RT :
It's worth remembering what supporters promised during the campaign - to STAY in the si…
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2 days ago by davidcmoulton
RT : imagine what it will be like post-, with no brakes on its power...
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2 days ago by rtanglao

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