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170 JSJ RabbitMQ with Derick Bailey
RabbitMQ: Patterns for Applications by Derick Bailey
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december 2016 by seinzu
Brian Solis: Thoughts on Disruption, Innovation and the Future of Marketing - Brandwatch
He opened with a great point.

"I’m usually not the most loved person in a room when I come into a business, because my message is about bringing about change, and the people who are in that room have to be ready to hear that message and do something about it.

Leo Tolstoy, the Russian novelist, once said, ‘We all talk of change, but none of us talk about changing ourselves’.

The future of marketing – the future of anything really – requires that we take a step back in order to take all of these insights, to actually bring them to life as insights and convert them into things that matter.
press  media  publicity  Brian  Solis  X:  The  Experience  When  Business  Meets  Design  Brandwatch  digital  narcissists 
july 2016 by briansolis
Social Listening in Practice: Influencer Marketing
This paper, one of an ongoing use case series, will show you how using influencers to contribute to the marketing of your product can supercharge your campaigns and help you reach a bigger, more relevant audience than ever before.
influencer  marketing  guide  review  BrandWatch  2014 
november 2015 by inspiral

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