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I'm not into any of these things and this is still the most delightful use of I've seen on Twitter in a lon…
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yesterday by mikemccaffrey
Unilever takes stand against digital media's fake followers • Reuters
Martinne Geller:
<p>The practice of buying followers risks eroding trust and therefore damaging one of the fastest-growing areas of advertising - the billion-dollar-a-year market now known as “influencer marketing” - and Unilever says it wants it to stop.

Its chief marketing officer, Keith Weed, will pledge on Monday that the maker of Dove soap and Hellmann’s mayonnaise will never buy followers or work with influencers who buy followers. It will also prioritize social media platforms that take action to stamp out fraud and increase transparency.

“Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback, and we could very quickly see the whole influencer space be undermined,” Weed told Reuters. “There are lots of great influencers out there, but there are a few bad apples spoiling the barrel and the trouble is, everyone goes down once the trust is undermined.”

The announcement comes four months after Weed made waves by threatening to pull investment from digital platforms such as Facebook and Google if they did not take steps to improve consumer trust and eradicate “toxic” online content.

It also comes as Unilever and rival Procter & Gamble audit their advertising spending and agency relationships in efforts to operate more efficiently as sales growth of consumer packaged goods slows. They are working with fewer agencies, creating fewer ads and bringing some marketing work in-house.</p>

The amounts that brands are willing to pay is amazing: £75,000 for a celebrity's Facebook post; as much as £1,500 for a "micro-influencer" with fewer than 10,000 followers. One hopes those are the right followers. It's probably cheaper than making an ad which will be ignored by all sorts; instead you make an ad that's ignored by bots. (I've been offered money to do "influencer" posts and turned them down before getting to the question of money. Trust indeed leaves on horseback, if not faster.)
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2 days ago by charlesarthur
I Dream of Content-Trash | Zach Webb
On 'Instagram-capitalism' and an ad-agency run space in NYC that's designed for instagrammable, shareable 'experiences'
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21 days ago by cloughgates
Predictive Analytics Solutions: that matches content related to or
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23 days ago by jhill5
Exclusive: Raden’s founder explains why his smart luggage startup shut
He walks me through the math. The target market for a direct-to-consumer suitcase brand is relatively narrow. This is not a mass purchase. Your audience is people with enough disposable income to spend between $200 and $400 on a carry-on, but also be digitally savvy enough to be willing to buy the case online, rather than in a department store.

Once the startup has convinced someone within their target market to buy a carry-on, the relationship is basically over. With some persuasion, the brand can try to sell them a piece of checked luggage or perhaps another small travel accessory. But the lifestyle value of each customer is relatively small, compared to other categories. A direct-to-consumer luxury shoe brand like M.Gemi can sell a woman a new pair of $300 shoes twice a year for the rest of her life. Everlane can sell a customer wardrobe updates every month.

“It’s not going to work to treat suitcases like a fashion item,” Udashkin says. “Millennials in New York and San Francisco don’t have space for a bunch of suitcases that match their outfit.”
4 weeks ago by celine
How This Company Launched With Zero Products--and Hit $12 Million in First-Year Sales |
Korey: We interviewed 40 really interesting people from the creative community--writers, artists, photographers.

Rubio: They represented a bunch of different categories, like food and fashion. These people aren't necessarily household names, but within their circles, they're very well-known and respected.

Korey: It was a beautiful hardcover book. We called it The Places We Return To. We didn't pay contributors, but we gave them a gift card for a suitcase. In November 2015, we sold the book with a gift card that was redeemable for a suitcase in February. It was essentially a preorder with a complimentary book.

People wrote about this interesting book--and then mentioned our luggage.

They were excited about it. They all had pretty big networks on social media. We made 1,200 books and sold out early.

Rubio: We were also in close to 100 gift guides. In our first year, we exceeded $12 million in sales. We've now sold more than 100,000 suitcases.
4 weeks ago by celine
Raden Is the Latest Smart Luggage Brand to Fold After Increased Airline Regulations - Condé Nast Traveler
"I hate to say this, but I think it's nonexistent," Udashkin says of the future of smart luggage. "All these companies rely on word of mouth, but buying this product now gets you hassled. I don't see how you can continue selling it."
4 weeks ago by celine
Deutsche Telekom and GSK agree: to resolve trust, paying media agencies as a percentage of spend has to stop | The Drum
“I asked why we were spending money with an agency when viewability is low and ad fraud high … and when I interrogated the reason is because of [an agreement made over] lunch.
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4 weeks ago by ronnussey

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