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Tools and resources for naming things.
tools  naming  branding 
4 hours ago by davidbenque
CAPD 2018
The Center for American Politics and Design (CAPD) is a research group investigating the graphic vernacular of American politics.
design  webdesign  inspiration  branding  gallery  logos  politics 
17 hours ago by natetharp
Activate Something Great - What's On at the Library
video and post about rebranding of Toronto Public Library
fordcpl  branding 
18 hours ago by stereogab
@mgoldst @VignelliCenter A legend of design, and the only person in army history to be given the title of Official War Poster Artist.
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22 hours ago by dcolanduno
Black Monday: How Showtime Dusted Off Its Old Logo For Its New Comedy – Variety
“We got to throw away the rule book on this show, and we decided to shoot for cool and not necessarily adhere to a more conventional [campaign],” says Showtime chief marketing officer Don Buckley. “One thing led to another, and it was this progressive line of thinking that suggested to us we could reach back 30 years to the Showtime branding and logo.”
branding  brand_showtime 
yesterday by JohnDrake
You've started a business - what do you call it?
I also love the name ‘Kodak’ – invented because the founder George Eastman liked the letter ‘K’, believing it to be the ‘strongest’ letter in the alphabet. He sat down with his mother and a set of letter tiles (like the ones you get in Scrabble) and started inventing words that included Ks. The rules were that it had to be easily pronounceable, comple
branding  naming 
yesterday by JohnDrake
Brand identity style guide documents | Logo Design Love
It’s helpful to see the grids, layouts, and details included in brand style guides prepared by designers. Here are 80+ guideline documents for reference.
branding  design  guidelines  brand  design-reference  identity 
2 days ago by bruno
Why are tech companies making custom typefaces?
Great article on the good, bad and ugly of custom fonts for companies like Google, Airbnb, IBM etc.
Design  Inspiration  Reference  Typography  WebDesign  Branding  Article  introduction  Awesome  MustRead 
2 days ago by rasagy
The Ad Contrarian: The Simple-Minded Guide To Marketing Communication
The spotlight is not a guarantee of success, but it creates a much higher likelihood of success. It is a simple calculation: you are more likely to be more successful if you are more famous and more visible. You may not like this calculation or approve of its ramifications, but it should be self-evident to anyone who wants to look at marketing with a clear eye. Do you think Donald Trump would be President if The Apprentice had been a webinar?


- Your most under-acknowledged job is assessing likelihoods and probabilities.
- You must be realistic about the power of marketing communication.
- One of the most essential characteristics of a successful brand is high visibility.
- One of your strategic imperatives is to produce fame and visibility by garnering a piece of the spotlight.
- Achieving a place in the spotlight is extremely difficult.
- You are more likely to attain the spotlight by being widely seen rather than narrowly focused.
- Splitting hairs over words in briefing documents is largely a waste of time. Most of the distinctions you draw between your brand and your competitors' are lost on consumers. A much more productive discussion is, "Which strategy or execution is most distinctive and has the highest probability of making us famous?" In the long run, the strategy with the most value for your brand is the one that is most likely to buy you high visibility.
- A key question you must answer is whether you have the assets to achieve a piece of the spotlight? The assets that have the highest probability of garnering that are money and creativity. There is rarely enough money.
adcontrarian  branding  marketing_strategy  howbrandsgrow 
2 days ago by JohnDrake
Brand New: The Best and Worst Identities of 2018, Part 3: The Worst Reviewed
毎年恒例Brand Newによる2018年度もっとも評判の悪かったブランドデザイン
design  branding 
2 days ago by slnbookmark
Brand New: The Best and Worst Identities of 2018, Part 1: The Most Notable Reviewed & Noted
毎年恒例Brand Newによる2018年度もっとも優れたブランドデザイン
design  branding 
2 days ago by slnbookmark
Interested in subscription models or ?

A great conversation with from…
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3 days ago by WeRank

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