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What Bots Can Do, that websites and apps can’t
Build something that *only* bots can do, that websites and apps can’t. The truth is that your competitors aren’t just other bot companies, but what your users prefer to use instead of your product. This could mean a website they already visit, an app they’ve already installed or their own solution they’ve already come up with.
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11 hours ago by joshclark
Share your typeform in chat apps | Typeform Help Center
You can now collect data using typeforms shared in messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger. Find out how to connect your typeform in this article.
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15 hours ago by alexmc
Artificial Intelligence: The Park Rangers of the Anthropocene - The Atlantic
In Australia, autonomous killer robots are set to invade the Great Barrier Reef. Their target is the crown-of-thorns starfish—a malevolent pincushion with a voracious appetite for corals. To protect ailing reefs, divers often cull the starfish by injecting them with bile or vinegar. But a team of Australian scientists has developed intelligent underwater robots called COTSBots that can do the same thing. The yellow bots have learned to identify the starfish among the coral, and can execute them by lethal injection.
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yesterday by twwoodward

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