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Research: "Don't @ Me: Hunting Twitter Bots at Scale"
New research from Duo Labs focusing on identifying Twitter bots at scale discusses ways of effectively identifying bots on Twitter, with Duo researchers applying their approach in a "case study" analysis focusing on a botnet spreading a cryptocurrency scam. Duo first identified a dataset of 88 million public Twitter accounts for the study, and then utilized "practical data science techniques" to find the bot networks.  Duo says that "by monitoring the botnet over time, we discover ways the bots evolve to evade detection," adding that "after finding initial bots using the tools and techniques described in this paper, a thread can be followed that can result in the discovery and unraveling of an entire botnet." Duo notes that their research is focused purely on identifying automated Twitter accounts, as opposed to automated accounts that are "necessarily malicious."

Duo made the data collection code they used open source; it's available on GitHub.

Read the full technical paper (pdf) here.
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yesterday by dmcdev
Threads raises $20M for its luxury goods ’boutique’ that exists only in messaging apps | TechCrunch
When you think of e-commerce marketplaces, chances are that the first things that come to mind are storefronts built on websites and apps. But today an e-commerce startup that has never had either — and never plans to — has raised a fistful of cash to continue building out its shopping experience on the platform has been its growth engine: messaging apps.

London-based Threads has raised $20 million in funding for an operation that courts high-end, millennial, mostly female customers with tailored selections of luxury fashion, which it then sells to them on services like WeChat, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and Apple’s iMessage for their primary interactions with a team of human (not AI) shopping assistants.
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yesterday by dancall
New Google AI Assistant Helps Users Stay Fit |
According to Venture Beat, there are rumors the company is set to launch Google Coach, which would deliver health and fitness insights proactively, using calendar appointments, reminders, and logged activities. For example, if you skip a scheduled gym day, it might remind you to find another time. And if you’re not meeting a fitness goal, it could offer up workouts and routines that would help you get closer to achieving it.

Google Coach will also keep track of your eating habits, as well as other signals (like location) to make recommendations when you’re dining out or shopping at the grocery store. Google Coach’s suggestions will come in the form of notifications and messages.
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2 days ago by dancall
Report: Humanizing Digital Interactions - Customer Experience Matters®
" The Human Conversational Model, which is made up of seven elements – Intent Decoding, Contextual Framing, Empathetic Agility, Supportive Feedback, Basic Manners, Self-Awareness, and Emotional Reflection"
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2 days ago by luceh
Bots didn’t flop; they just became invisible - The Verge
In other words, the bots never really went away; they just became invisible. More automated messaging can be found on companies’ websites and apps than ever before. The work continues. And as Intercom’s own story has shown, businesses’ appetites for the automation they enable is only increasing. (Intercom released a tool to let businesses build custom chat bots earlier this month.)
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3 days ago by osi_info_program
The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views - The New York Times
Piles of interesting here. For a start, the latest Horowitz brat, Russia Today, and Fox all use the same botherd. A classic example of D^2's principle that if you respond to attempted fraud just as an administrative issue, fraudsters will experiment and learn how to steal from you reliably. Finally, algo kitsch.
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3 days ago by yorksranter
Tips For Requesters On Mechanical Turk: The BOT problem on Mturk
In an academic setting, 95% is an A. In a professional setting, 95% is abysmal. Many studies are published on Mturk using 80-95% and some using no qualifications at all. Your study WILL fill using 99% and above if you pay a fair wage.
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7 days ago by jomc

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