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Up to 9.5 million net neutrality comments were made with stolen identities | Ars Technica
The Times wrote that the AG also subpoenaed Century Strategies, "a political consultancy founded by Ralph Reed, the former director of the Christian Coalition,"
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4 hours ago by yorksranter
Google Assistant's app redesign abandons chatbots
Google Assistant is getting an overhaul on smartphones, and it’s discarding one of 2016’s biggest tech fads in the process. When Google Assistant arrived a couple of years ago, chatbots were all the rage in products like Facebook Messenger and Micro…
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9 hours ago by evansthompson
Pouring one out for the Boxmakers
Tom Armitage on the passing of an era, bridges that talk, and the sadness that us Twitter
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17 hours ago by MGallagher
California just banned hidden from influencing an election. "Why not assume that protecting voters from count…
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2 days ago by andriak
Nike’s Jordan Brand Is Using a Facebook Messenger Bot to Deliver Content – Adweek
The bot delivers content from the Air.Jordan blog, Jordan News and via weekly updates, and that fare is divided into three categories: shop, Air.Jordan and watch.


Beta-testing of the new Messenger bot began around the time of the National Basketball Association’s All-Star Weekend in February, and Nike said the bot is generating open rates of 87 percent, far outpacing the typical 15 percent to 20 percent it sees from emails.
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5 days ago by JohnDrake
Renault Italy Is Selling a Limited-Edition SUV Through a Facebook Messenger Chatbot – Adweek
Renault Italy is bringing 100 of its Captur Tokyo Edition, a limited-edition SUV, to the market—and it will sell them for the first time through a Facebook Messenger chatbot.


The above video promoting the campaign tells viewers that “the only way” to get their “hands on” the 100 “pieces” (cars) is to “speak with him.” The “him” seems to be the same mysterious character alluded to in the release, although he doesn’t appear to be all that mysterious.
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5 days ago by JohnDrake
Did Russian Trolls Have Company?: New Evidence on Israel-based PSY-Group’s Possible Social Media Efforts in 2016 US Election | Just Security
According to LinkedIn and other sites, Charnoff was previously the IDF Commander of the Social Media Productions Desk, and is also the National Director of iVoteIsrael, a Republican-aligned Israeli-American voter registration group criticized for its “flimsy façade of non-partisanship.”
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7 days ago by yorksranter
Is Alexa Dangerous? - The Atlantic
Alexa, Should We Trust You?

The voice revolution has only just begun. Today, Alexa is a humble servant. Very soon, she could be much more—a teacher, a therapist, a confidant, an informant.
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8 days ago by jorgebarba

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