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Flock of followers descends on Southeast Asia’s Twitter users, but are they real?
Prominent Twitter users in Southeast Asia have reported a sizable uptick in new followers, most of whom have the look and feel of a bot. First reported by FInancial Times, most of the accounts have few if any followers or posts and have followed high profile journalists, activists, academics, diplomats, media personalities, and the like. Some are concerned that the bots will be used to influence elections in the region, while some users want to see Twitter do more to address the issue.

The Democratic Voice of Burma reports: "High-profile Twitter users in Southeast Asia have reported an ongoing wave of new followers, a social media phenomenon first noted in March which has stoked fears that regional governments are zeroing-in on the platform amid growing concerns that their countries’ leaders are muzzling online speech...The reason for the recent influx is pure speculation while the accounts lay dormant...Twitter users from Cambodia to Sri Lanka and Vietnam to China, among others, have reported a deluge of new followers, leading observers to speculate that country-specific automated accounts are targeting users that have a specific country or countries mentioned in their Twitter biography...Former Dutch diplomat Laetitia van den Assum, who also served on the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State, called on Twitter to take action. 'This is ridiculous. What is happening and is condoned by Twitter is probably linked to an illegal bot factory that targets Twitter users like me who are active tweeters about issues related to Myanmar,' she said via email. It’s 'high time' Twitter implemented a mechanism to flag suspected bots to the user, she added."

AFP reports that the timing of the "Botmageddon" has raised concerns that there may be plots afoot to influence voters ahead of upcoming elections in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
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19 hours ago by dmcdev
Unethical growth hacks: A look into the growing Youtube news bot epidemic
Youtube is littered with sketchy mass-produced videos made by automated bots, and Google is doing almost nothing to stop it.
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yesterday by crunchity
Create Conversational Chat with Botkit

This lab shows you how to build conversational using the…
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2 days ago by Varna
Planned Parenthood Ventures Into VR and Chatbots To Improve Sex Ed
Planned Parenthood is fortifying its digital arsenal with everything from VR experiences to chatbots.
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4 days ago by jorgebarba

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