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Astroturfing, Twitterbots, Amplification - Inside the Online Influence Industry — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Fake grassroots activity on social media – also known as "astroturfing" – has become a fact of political life around the globe. In the US, special investigator Robert Mueller is currently probing the role of Russia in a series of Facebook pages that supported Donald Trump in last year's election. In the UK, fake Tinder accounts promoted Jeremy Corbyn at the last election and automated Twitter accounts promoted both sides of the Brexit referendum the year before. Academics and thinktanks in the US, UK and EU have pored over social media feeds and mapped networks designed to spread partisan or inaccurate news.
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
Send scam emails to this chatbot and it’ll waste their time for you - The Verge
That’s the premise behind Re:scam, an email chatbot operated by New Zealand cybersecurity firm Netsafe. Next time you get a dodgy email in your inbox, says Netsafe, forward it on to, and a proxy email address will start replying to the scammer for you, doing its very utmost to waste their time. You can see a few sample dialogues in the video above, or check out a longer back-and-forth below.
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3 days ago by dancall
2016 was the year of the bot — here’s a brief history of how they have been used in journalism | Online Journalism Blog
2016 was the year of the bot in journalism. In this edited extract from the forthcoming second edition of the Online Journalism Handbook, I outline what bots are, how bots have been used by media organisations from early Twitter bots to the recent wave of 'chatbots', and some tips and tools for getting started with…
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4 days ago by CarmenAguilar
How and can (and should) work together via
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5 days ago by jhill5

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