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Amazon 'lotto' winners in New York, Virginia see housing jackpot | Bloomberg
amazon on Tuesday announced plans to locate East Coast office hubs in Long Island City and the Crystal City area in Northern Virginia, eventually bringing 25,000 employees to each locale. The news has already caused a shift in the real estate markets in those cities. Margaret O’Mara, a professor of history at the UW, is quoted.
O'Mara.Margaret  Department:History  College:Arts&Sciences  amazon  natl  Bloomberg  !UWitM  2018 
3 days ago by uwnews
Foundations of Machine Learning
Bloomberg presents "Foundations of Machine Learning," a training course that was initially delivered internally to the company's software engineers as part of its "Machine Learning EDU" initiative. This course covers a wide variety of topics in machine learning and statistical modeling. The primary goal of the class is to help participants gain a deep understanding of the concepts, techniques and mathematical frameworks used by experts in machine learning. It is designed to make valuable machine learning skills more accessible to individuals with a strong math background, including software developers, experimental scientists, engineers and financial professionals.
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Scientific Learning Corp (Bloomberg Info site)
How find Bloomberg access to multiple company infos?
specific language impairment
Dr. Paula Tallal, Rutgers
from: Schwartz & Begley, 2002.
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Hydropower to become unsustainable as climate changes, study says | Bloomberg
New hydropower dams may be vulnerable to climate change and produce less energy than promised, a new study says. Faisal Hossain, a UW professor of civil and environmental engineering, is quoted.
Bloomberg  !UWitM  2018  natl  Hossain.Faisal  College:Engineering  Department:Civil&Environmental.Engineering 
11 days ago by uwnews
Electing a record number of women to Congress is great — but it’s not the goal | Bloomberg
If every woman in a competitive race going into this year’s midterm elections wins, come January there will be 116 women responsible for crafting our nation’s laws, compared with 107 in the current Congress — a record. Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the UW, is quoted.
O'Mara.Margaret  !UWitM  2018  natl  Bloomberg  Department:History  College:Arts&Sciences 
11 days ago by uwnews
There's No Such Thing as Moderate Marxism - Bloomberg
In addition, the communist utopia can't be approached in moderation. Marxism without revolution isn’t Marxism. Sooner or later, the great day will come. Marx wasn't trying to advocate or justify it particularly; he was merely predicting. But steps to ameliorate the oppression of the working class might delay the inevitable, and that would be counter-revolutionary. Really, the harder life gets for the downtrodden, the better, both for the plausibility of the Marxist worldview and for the prompt arrival of the promised land.
marx  communist  bloomberg 
13 days ago by HispanicPundit
Trust the Facts on GMOs - Bloomberg
Science has affirmed that GM foods — grown from seeds whose genes have been altered to make them resistant to insects or herbicides, for instance — are safe. There’s no need to dress up the labels to suggest that genetic modification makes foods somehow better. That risks misleading the public, just as Greenpeace and other groups have done with their baseless claims that GM crops are dangerous.
GMO  regulations  bloomberg 
13 days ago by HispanicPundit
If You Really Want to Help the Poor, Shop at Walmart - Bloomberg
Often the data cut both ways. For example, the consumer gain from those low prices is much greater than the cost of the job losses. 4  (The savings to the public are on the order of many billions of dollars a year. 5 ) And a well-known study linking the rise of the Walmart Supercenter (which also sells groceries) to the rise of obesity concedes that consumer savings from the store’s lower prices substantially outweigh increased medical costs. And, speaking of health, we also know that living near a Walmart pharmacy significantly increases the likelihood that someone suffering from high blood pressure will take medication and decreases avoidable hospitalizations by a remarkable 6.2 percent.

Now comes a fresh entry in the what’s-good-about-Walmart sweepstakes: research suggesting that proximity to a Walmart Supercenter reduces food insecurity among children. This is no small thing. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 2016 more than 3 million households contained children who were “food insecure” — young people, says the USDA, who eat meals of relatively poor variety and desirability.
Wal-Mart  Poverty  bloomberg 
13 days ago by HispanicPundit
More Money in Politics Is Great - Bloomberg
And when it comes to campaign finance, I’m for floors, not ceilings, as long as there’s meaningful disclosure. I’d love to see public financing that would give candidates even in seemingly hopeless districts the chance to run a real campaign. I’d have no problem with allowing unlimited donations on top of that. It’s true that the political-science literature stresses that most campaign spending is subject to diminishing returns. And money’s importance is limited by other (largely unrestricted) campaign resources, such as volunteer hours and expertise.

But in large part I agree with the Supreme Court doctrine that campaign spending is a form of speech, and therefore shouldn’t be limited under the First Amendment. And because self-government is important to us, I think it’s fine to spend a lot of money on it.
CampaignReform  bernstein  bloomberg 
14 days ago by HispanicPundit
After raising Jeff Bezos, Jackie wants to help others raise kids | Bloomberg
Created more than 30 years ago to help parents raise their kids, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan offers programs and exhibitions on world cultures, the arts, science and health. Patricia Kuhl, co-director of the UW's Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, is quoted.
Institute.Learning&Brain.Sciences  Kuhl.Patricia  !UWitM  2018  natl  Bloomberg 
16 days ago by uwnews
Brazil’s Bolsonaro Completes a U.S. Sweep of South America - Bloomberg
Bolsonaro’s election also further solidifies the turn to the right throughout the region. With the exception of Mexico, which often moves orthogonally to its neighbors, most nations are moving to the right. Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru — the strongest economies in South America — have all elected conservative presidents in the last three years. Even Bolivia and Ecuador have shifted somewhat to the right. While Cuba and Venezuela have remained in the leftist camp (so long as Nicolas Maduro can cling to power in Venezuela), the Brazil election alone moves 200 million of the 500 million in Latin America into the rightist camp. It’s a huge move — and one that will be looked on very favorably by the Donald Trump administration. Trump will find a close ally and indeed an acolyte in Bolsonaro, and currently strained relations between the nations will warm considerably. 
latinamerica  bloomberg 
18 days ago by HispanicPundit
China Is the Climate-Change Battleground - Bloomberg
This leads to a painful but inescapable truth -- no matter how much they spend, no matter how dramatically they change their societies, the U.S. and Europe won’t be able to put much of a dent in global warming on their own. Yes, the U.S. should ban coal power, tax carbon heavily and spend lots of money on building green energy infrastructure. But without a huge change in China, none of that will matter -- the battle against climate change will be lost.
climatechange  globalwarming  review  impact  China  internationalrelations  Bloomberg  2018 
18 days ago by inspiral
Trump’s Latest Plan to Slash Drug Prices Has Real Teeth - Bloomberg
It would be an unprecedented use of government muscle to bring drug costs down in Part B, where pharmaceutical companies currently have nearly unfettered pricing power. It remains to be seen if it can distract from the GOP’s other health-care woes as U.S. midterm elections approach. But in contrast with other recent drug-pricing efforts, this one has pharma investors scared, and for good reason. 
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23 days ago by HispanicPundit

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