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Project ‘Fuchsia’: Google Is Quietly Working on a Successor to Android - Bloomberg
For more than two years, a small and stealthy group of engineers within Google has been working on software that they hope will eventually replace Android, the world’s dominant mobile operating system. As the team grows, it will have to overcome some fierce internal debate about how the software will work.
Google  Fuchsia  Android  mobileoperatingsystems  Bloomberg  2018 
3 days ago by inspiral
How to Tell If a President’s Words Are Treasonous - Bloomberg
Alarm over Trump’s Russia comments is justified, but they don't qualify as "perfidy" in the constitutional sense.
DonaldTrump  review  critique  treason  Bloomberg  2018 
3 days ago by inspiral
Trump Is (Probably) Not a Russian Pawn - Bloomberg
Using economic game theory to try and understand the relationship between Trump and Putin.
DonaldTrump  VladimirPutin  politics  internationalrelations  review  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
3 days ago by inspiral
Facebook is relying on robotics to lure AI researchers | Bloomberg
Facebook is hiring five well-regarded computer scientists in the U.S. and Europe, adding new facilities to bolster its artificial intelligence research division, and focus on robotics and related-technologies. The University of Washington's Luke Zettlemoyer, a computer science and engineering professor, recently joined Facebook.
Bloomberg  College:Engineering  Allen.School  Zettlemoyer.Luke  !UWitM  2018  natl 
5 days ago by uwnews
What’s Holding Mexico’s Economy Back - Bloomberg
The sad reality is that the new Mexican regime probably cannot improve its economic performance unless it can address basic problems with education and productivity.
Mexico  economy  review  critique  education  productivity  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
13 days ago by inspiral
Why Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charger Is Taking So Long to Make - Bloomberg
When Apple Inc. introduced AirPods earbuds in 2016, chief designer Jony Ive hailed the beginning of a new "wireless future." The company’s devices would connect and charge without fiddly white cords and unsightly plugs and sockets.
Apple  Apple_Computers  Bloomberg 
15 days ago by GameGamer43

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