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Russia Should Own Up to Stalin-Hitler Friendship - Bloomberg
On Sept. 17, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded eastern Poland. Germany, which had done the same in the western part of the country two weeks earlier, acquiesced under the terms of a notorious neutrality agreement between Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin that divided parts of eastern Europe into Nazi and Communist spheres of influence.
Russia  germany  wars  Stalin  communist  bloomberg 
28 minutes ago by HispanicPundit
Local News Is Dying, and It’s Taking Small Town America With It - Bloomberg
Local government is exactly the kind of place where journalistic resources are being cut.” refrr:
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yesterday by thadk
How Singapore Fixed Its Housing Problem - YouTube
Simplifies a lot of things, but 90% home ownership doesn't lie.
singapore  housing  youtube  video  bloomberg 
5 days ago by rubenerd
Blue-Collar Workers, and Trump, Have Reason to Celebrate - Bloomberg
The goods-producing industries are manufacturing, construction and mining (which includes oil and gas extraction). They tend to employ lots of men without college educations, a group that has struggled mightily with the economic changes of the past half century.  Hassett featured goods-producing jobs in his slide show on Monday, labeling them “blue-collar jobs” and showing their six-quarter growth rate because that makes it look like there’s been a big takeoff since the November 2016 election. I chose the five-year growth rate because it cuts out a lot of noise and makes clearer how different this expansion has been than the past few. Since early 2010, we have been experiencing the strongest run of goods-producing job growth since the 1960s.
economy  TrumpTaxCut  bloomberg 
5 days ago by HispanicPundit
Artificial Intelligence Threatens Jobs in Developing World - Bloomberg
Without a cost incentive to locate in the developing world, corporations will bring many of these functions back to the countries where they’re based. That will leave emerging economies, unable to grasp the bottom rungs of the development ladder, in a dangerous position: The large pool of young and relatively unskilled workers that once formed their greatest comparative advantage will become a liability — a potentially explosive one.
ArtificialIntelligence  bloomberg 
6 days ago by HispanicPundit
Boston Area Residents Can Go Home as Gas Clears, Governor Says - Bloomberg
Residents in the towns of North Andover, Andover and Lawrence are being allowed to return home after proprieties were safely cleared of gas, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said in a Twitter post Sunday morning, three days several explosions triggered evacuations.
bloomberg  columbiagas  restoration 
6 days ago by eversourcenh
New Gas Leak Detected in Boston Area Racked by Fatal Blasts - Bloomberg
A new natural gas leak was discovered in the Boston area just two days after a series of pipeline explosions killed one person, injured more than 25 and prompted Massachusetts to declare a state of emergency.
bloomberg  columbiagas  gas  leak 
6 days ago by eversourcenh
Diversity Is an American Strength, Not Weakness - Bloomberg
Those of the same mind as Tucker Carlson will claim that all this success comes in spite of diversity, rather than because of it. But there’s strong evidence that through repeated contact, diversity leads to greater social trust and lower discrimination between people of different backgrounds. And the correlation between organizational diversity and performance might also come from this difficult but rewarding strengthening process.
diversity  review  opportunity  advocacy  author:NoahSmith  Bloomberg  2018 
10 days ago by inspiral
How Many Tesla Model 3 Cars Have Been Made?
with luxury models made by Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.
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12 days ago by sinned

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