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Online Security Guide for Journalists - ProtonMail Blog
All this information is a lot to take in, but if we were to distill this guide into a few practical points, they would be the following:
- Set strong and unique passwords (and keep them hidden)
- Use two-factor authentication
- Be wary of phishing attempts (see our guide on preventing phishing attacks)
- Keep in mind the risk from linked accounts
- Encrypt your backups, and don’t “accidentally” back up sensitive files
- Use encrypted services (ProtonMail for email, Signal for chat, etc.)
- Protect your internet traffic with a secure VPN
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DIY Playbook
Decor projects and inspiration to create a home and life that you love
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What You Don’t Know About Catherine Coulson, the Log Lady
Few fictional characters are as memorable or as beloved—or have inspired such cult-like devotion—as Margaret Lanterman, better known as the Log Lady fromTwin Peaks. She was a Jewish convert.
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How IoT Underwear and Design Thinking Helped Billie Whitehouse Create Pose-Perfecting Yoga Pants
Billie Whitehouse is making haptic, internet-enabled clothing, and getting better with each product.
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