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G Hotel Kelawai, Penang: Room With A View
Choosing a hotel requires consideration of dozens of factors. Your suite will become your home away from home, and your base for a memorable vacation, so it pays to be picky. I checked out this 5-star hotel in the heart of Penang, Malaysia and discovered a few surprises.
travel  blog  family  holiday  With  Bender 
yesterday by travelwithbender
Dicas de compras no exterior, lojas online, redirecionadores de encomendas e formas de economizar na sua importação.
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yesterday by kaarlows
Tufte CSS
Tufte CSS provides tools to style web articles using the ideas demonstrated by Edward Tufte’s books and handouts. Tufte’s style is known for its simplicity, extensive use of sidenotes, tight integration of graphics with text, and carefully chosen typography.
typography  design  web  webdevelopment  blog 
yesterday by dusko
nownownow - Sites with a /now page
Most websites have a link that says “about”. It goes to a page that tells you something about the background of this person or business. For short, people just call it an “about page”.

Most websites have a link that says “contact”. It goes to a page that tells you how to contact this person or business. For short, people just call it a “contact page”.

So a website with a link that says “now” goes to a page that tells you what this person is focused on at this point in their life. For short, we call it a “now page”.

See examples by browsing

Although it’s normal to make the web address “/now”, just like it’s usually “/about” and “/contact” in those other examples, the URL could be anything.
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yesterday by dusko
barryclark/jekyll-now: Build a Jekyll blog in minutes, without touching the command line.
Build a Jekyll blog in minutes, without touching the command line. - barryclark/jekyll-now
blog  jekyll  blogging  generator  cms 
yesterday by e2b
schollz/rwtxt: A cms for absolute minimalists.
A cms for absolute minimalists. Contribute to schollz/rwtxt development by creating an account on GitHub.
cms  wiki  writing  golang  blogging  blog  minimalism 
yesterday by e2b — Distraction-free blogging and writing platform
Simple writing platform built to preserve and spread your words. Start writing and publishing now — no signup required.
blog  publish  writing  blogging  text  privacy  opensource 
yesterday by e2b
Write Freely
Minimalist, federated, self-hosted blogging platform.
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yesterday by e2b

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