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LBO News from Doug Henwood | Insta-punditry on political economy.
LBO = "Left Business Observer." Henwood seems to be an expert at researching and interpreting statistics, and brings a point of view to it.
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yesterday by JJLDickinson
Blot is a blogging platform with no interface. It creates a special folder in your Dropbox and publishes files you put inside. The point of all this — the reason Blot exists — is so you can use your favorite tools to create whatever you publish.
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2 days ago by junya
StaticGen | Top Open Source Static Site Generators
A List of Static Site Generators for JAMstack Sites
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2 days ago by exon
Google AI Blog: How Can Neural Network Similarity Help Us Understand Training and Generalization?
In order to solve tasks, deep neural networks (DNNs) progressively transform input data into a sequence of complex representations (i.e., patterns of activations across individual neurons). (via Pocket at June 21, 2018 at 02:28PM )
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2 days ago by amaral

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