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The Typekit Blog | Now in Early Access: Serve web fonts without JavaScript
Typekit blog post about their new (Sept 17) css-only embed code
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Team UnLimbited Blog
"This blog documents the collaborative work by Drew Murray and Stephen Davies as volunteers in Britain, we collaborate on our voluntary efforts under the name of Team UnLimbited. Our R&D efforts include developing new devices, research into materials and functional improvements. All our work is shared as open source for the benefit of all, for non-commercial use."
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| The official blog for Ansible by Red Hat and the Ansible open source project.

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RT RT : An organized structure can better your , rankings, AND use…
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RT RT : An organized structure can better your , rankings, AND use…
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The 'Michelin curse' comes to Hong Kong - BBC News
China Blog
The 'Michelin curse' comes to Hong Kong
By Juliana Liu
Hong Kong correspondent, BBC News
10 January 2016
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Image caption
One customer who seems as keen on the dumplings as the Michelin judges
Winning recognition in the annual Michelin Guide is one of the most sought-after honours in the restaurant business.
But in Hong Kong, a city plagued by high rents, the accolade may bring unexpected challenges.
Just ask the owner of Kai Kai Dessert, which specialises in classic Cantonese desserts like steamed egg pudding, red bean soup with lotus seed, and papaya and white fungus soup.
Chiu Wai Yip, 58, told BBC News that just weeks after being featured in the Michelin guide in November, the shop's landlord more than doubled the rent from HK$100,000 ($12,900; £8,800) to HK$220,000 ($28,378; £19,400) a month.
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