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▶ #1 Le Bitcoin : son fonctionnement, ses applications et son futur avec R. Pérez-Marco by The Trust Technology TTT #blockchain
Stream #3 Ethereum, entre recherche et startups avec X. Lavayssière by The Trust Technology TTT #blockchain from desktop or your mobile device
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15 hours ago by emak
Smart Diploma -- Blockchain Anti-Falsification Solution for Academic Diplomas
'About 30% of professional certificates are falsified worldwide -- Build an easy way to verify certificates and diplomas – a goal that is achievable only by a community of Universities, Students and Organizations united across the globe'
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15 hours ago by adamcrowe
Walmart's Food Safety Solution Built on the IBM Blockchain Platform - YouTube
Walmart Food Safety video recommended by Sid to illustrate blcokchain story when presenting Agri-biz beat
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19 hours ago by dave.nightingale
Blockchain Security - IBM Watson IoT
IOT and Blockchain page recommended by Sid when presenting Agri-business beat
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19 hours ago by dave.nightingale
The Bitcoin network now consumes about 21 TWh of energy per year. Which is about the same amount that the country of Ecuador consumes.
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yesterday by mikael

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