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Windows 10: Suchfunktion derzeit für viele Nutzer kaputt – Workaround verfügbar | heise online
Die Suche in der Taskbar liefert vielen Nutzern derzeit eine schwarze Fläche zurück. Das Deaktivieren der Bing-Suche in der Registry kann das Problem beheben.
win10  windows  suchmaschine  cortana  bing 
11 days ago by thot
Reverse image search
A modern update: Yandex and Bing may be better than Google. (I tested Baidu, it is not great.)
google  yandex  bing  image  search  facialrecognition  tootme  via:waxy 
6 weeks ago by nelson
bellingcat - Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For Investigations - bellingcat
Reverse image search is one of the most well-known and easiest digital investigative techniques, with two-click functionality of choosing “Search Google for image” in many web browsers.
ai  google  images  search  bing  yandex  searchengine  reverseimagesearch  machinelearning 
7 weeks ago by rogerwshaw
interesting reverse image search tricks
@AricToler: 'Brief walk-through on how to geolocate this photo from Rudy Giuliani's spokeswoman (subject of this @politico piece without using any mapping services'

In summary, by careful blurring of the unimportant parts of the image, it becomes possible to search for "background" details. Neat trick (via Hazel_ok)
images  image-search  search  yandex  google  bing  tricks 
9 weeks ago by jm
Using schema makes it easier for search engines like and to feature your content and reward you with…
Bing  Google  from twitter_favs
11 weeks ago by jhill5
Enforce Safe Search on Google, YouTube, Bing, DuckDuckGo
Enforce Safe Search on Google, YouTube, Bing via router DNS lookup override using Dnsmasq cname, hosts file, OpenWRT on IPv4 and IPv6.
force  safe  search  google  dansguardian  content  filter  bing 
october 2019 by jgear
How to enforce Safe Search for Google, You Tube, Bing - Airheads Community
Requirement: Now all the major search providers have switched to HTTPS all requests to the search engines are encrypted - it is no longer possible to use a firewall to look at the URL and modify it to switch the request to a safe search request. This means that most search engines will return non safe results. This is a big deal especially for Schools and guest networks - you don't want children seeing non safe content, same for guests - you don't want them having access to non safe...
force  safe  search  google  dansguardian  content  filter  bing 
october 2019 by jgear
How to: Enforcing Google SafeSearch, YouTube, and Bing – OpenDNS
Overview --This is a Note Box Label: 'as is' solution // Note: This solution is provided 'as is' and is an...
force  safe  search  google  dansguardian  content  filter  bing 
october 2019 by jgear

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